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What jobs are EU migrants doing?
Here are the top 20 occupations in which registered workers from EU accession countries were employed between May 2004 and December 2006:

Factory worker: 270,180 registered workers

Warehouse Operative: 39,545

Packer: 32,210

Kitchen and catering assistants: 31,305

Cleaner, domestic staff: 27,630

Farm worker/ Farm hand: 22,345

Waiter, waitress: 20,050

Maid / Room attendant (hotel): 18,125

Care assistants and home carers: 15,745

Labourer, building: 14, 245

Sales and retail assistants: 14,260

Crop harvester: 9,655

Food processing operative (fruit / veg): 7,885

Bar staff: 7,420

Food processing operative (meat)6,645

Chef, other6,130

Driver, HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle)4,540

Administrator, general4,690

Fruit picker (farming)4,390

Carpenter/joiner: 3,460

TOTAL TOP 20: 425,360

Other occupations/not stated: 94,360

GRAND TOTAL: 519,720

This table shows registered workers rather than the number of applications made. The figures are for initial applications only (not multiple applications, where an individual is doing more than one job simultaneously, nor re-registrations, where an individual has changed employers). Figures are taken from the government's Accession Monitoring Report May 2004 - March 2007, but exclude the figures for the first three months of 2007.

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