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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 July 2006, 18:38 GMT 19:38 UK
Cameron 'will give you more time'
David Cameron
Mr Cameron is trying to reposition the Conservative party
David Cameron says the Conservatives should not just be about tax cuts but "time increase".

In the last of a series of three speeches on quality of life, he pledged policies to give people more time.

Cutting journeys to work by improving transport, for example, would leave more time for family and community work, said the Tory leader.

Mr Cameron is attempting to reposition the Tory party by projecting a more modern and caring image.

In his Thursday speech, in London's East End, he returned to his theme of encouraging a sense of general well-being - or "GWB" - in society.

'Conserving energy'

The problem was that: "Much of the destruction we wreak on the environment is because of man's desire to find more time.

"More speed, more labour-saving, More money-making, to afford more ways of beating the clock and conserving our energy for the things that matter"

He did not want to "slow down" or "give up labour-saving devices", he stressed, but find ways of giving people more time for themselves.

On Friday, Mr Cameron will be in Leeds to wrap up a nationwide consultation exercise dubbed Built to Last.

'Hug a hoodie'

Debate has centred around Mr Cameron's stated "aims and values" - including putting economic stability before tax cuts, more help for the less well-off and a sustainable environment.

Tory members will be asked in a national ballot to vote on the final version of the document, with the result to be unveiled at the party's annual conference at Bournemouth in September.

The Tory leader has been criticised by some in his party for abandoning traditional Conservative positions on immigration, grammar schools and tax cuts.

He has also faced ridicule from Labour for an earlier speech on well-being in which he said teenage troublemakers in hooded tops were often misunderstood and needed love.

What has been dubbed his "hug a hoodie" speech did receive the surprise backing from a bastion of the party's right wing Lord Tebbit, however.

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