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Brando should play me - Prescott
Marlon Brando
Tough enough to play Prescott?
He was the icon of a generation thanks to films like The Wild One and A Streetcar Named Desire.

And were he still alive Marlon Brando could be facing the challenge of his career - playing John Prescott.

The deputy prime minister says he identifies with Brando's character Terry Malloy, the ex-fighter who took on a union in On the Waterfront.

Mr Prescott told Bristol's Radio 19 that he would not want Hugh Grant: "It's not me, he is New Labour."

The MP for Hull East described himself as "Old Labour" and had been asked who should play him in a film of his life.

"I'll take Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront. I was always involved in strikes and seafaring and docks and so I'll take him".

Brando's character was a prize fighter-turned-longshoreman who took on the corrupt union which dominated the docks.

This echoes ex-merchant seaman Mr Prescott's own struggles as a young left-wing activist with the leadership of the National Union of Seamen.

Mr Prescott also revealed he liked Westerns and pirate films, adding: "I like to come out walking like John Wayne."

'Intelligent woman'

He also explained that his wife Pauline had chosen to stay at home instead of pursuing a career.

"She doesn't like to have a career. She thinks it's for house-maintaining, the place at home, things like that. She was a hairdresser," Mr Prescott said.

"It works very well. It is a good combination. She is an intelligent woman. She is up to speed and thinking of things, but domestically, home is quite important to her and I think that makes for a good base."

Asked to pick six of his favourite records Mr Prescott chose Strange Fruit by Jazz legend Billy Holiday, Everybody's Guessing by Georgie Fame and Satin Doll by Marion Montgomery.

He also opted for A Town Called Malice by The Jam, Simply Red's Fairground and the disco version of Beethoven's Fifth used in Saturday Night Fever.

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