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Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 April 2006, 12:14 GMT 13:14 UK
At-a-glance: Labour's poll launch
Tony Blair and Gordon Brown launch the campaign for New Labour at the London Development Agency in Docklands. The joint effort may be seen in some quarters as a bid to end renewed speculation about the state of relations between the prime minister and the chancellor.

Also present are Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell, Labour chairman Ian McCartney and dozens of Labour councillors, local authority leaders, plus a restricted number of representatives from the media.

Mr Blair said Labour's campaign will focus on three key areas: education, council tax and anti-social behaviour. He argued that council tax is lower in Labour-run areas, that his party is leading the fight against anti-social behaviour and that they are the champions of education.

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown
The two politicians were photographed smiling together
"[Labour's achievements] all depend on a strong economy and, thanks to Gordon, we have got a strong economy."

"Over these past years we have developed economic efficiency, a very strong economy, low levels of unemployment - long-term youth unemployment virtually abolished but we have done that in order that we use the proceeds of that strong economy to invest in our public services."

None of the politicians there made any predictions of Labour's electoral goals in the forthcoming poll and no opportunity was offered for journalists to ask questions.

Labour chose to launch its campaign with a line up of frontbench "big guns" and an audience of supporters. There were a few quips about press speculation focusing on rumoured rifts between Mr Blair and Mr Brown. Ian McCartney said: ""I hope the body language experts will have a particularly fruitful day."

John Prescott meanwhile said Labour supporters should feel proud to knock on people's doors and urge them to vote based on the government's achievements in partnership with councils.


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