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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 April 2006, 17:05 GMT 18:05 UK
Guide to England's 2006 elections
A polling station
Local elections are being held on Thursday 4 May with 4,360 council seats up for grabs across England.

Voters are having their say in all 32 London boroughs and 144 other local authorities across the country.

Some 36 Metropolitan authorities and 20 Unitary authorities will elect a third of their council.

Eighty-eight districts will also have polls, most electing a third of their council. Hackney, Watford, Newham and Lewisham will hold mayoral elections.

32 London boroughs
36 Metropolitan authorities
88 District councils
4 Mayoral elections

There is also a referendum taking place in Crewe on whether the people want an elected mayor.

Broadland Council, a district in Norfolk, has successfully applied to have all-out elections next year and therefore no elections will be held this year.

Polls will open between 0700 BST and 2200, a change from previous local elections to bring them into line with the opening hours of polling stations at general elections.

In the metropolitan councils Labour has the most candidates, 821, the Conservatives have 772, Liberal Democrats 708 and others 875.

In the shire districts the Conservatives are fielding 1,326 candidates, Labour 1,172, the Liberal Democrats 1,052 and others 782.

The 'others' include 1,251 Green candidates, 363 from the BNP, 319 from UKIP and 162 from Respect - the Unity Coalition.

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