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Quiz: Councils and council tax
Test your knowledge of town halls and the council tax with our quiz.

Question 1
What will be the average council tax bill for a home in England this year?
A: 954
B: 1,056
C: 1,127
Question 2
How much of what councils spend is raised locally?
A: All of it
B: About half
C: About a quarter
Question 3
How many directly elected mayors are there in England?
A: 8
B: 13
C: 16
Question 4
When did council tax replace the poll tax?
A: 1991
B: 1993
C: 1995
Question 5
What proportion of local councillors are aged under 40?
A: 7%
B: 17%
C: 27%
Question 6
Which of the following services are not provided by councils?
A: Care homes
B: Job centres
C: Adoption services
Question 7
Which of the following licences are provided by councils?
A: Game keeper licences
B: Hypnotism licences
C: Register of births
D: All of them
Question 8
Which of the following do parish councils have a duty to provide by law?
A: Cemeteries
B: Allotments
C: Churches
Question 9
What proportion of public money is spent by councils?
A: Half
B: A third
C: A quarter
Question 10
What qualifications do you need to become a councillor?
A: An accountancy degree
B: A citizenship A-level
C: Nothing

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