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Brown reaffirms promise to poor
Gordon Brown in Swansea
Gordon Brown said he did not want to break promises on world poverty
Gordon Brown has been reaffirming his commitment to make a difference to the world's poor.

The chancellor said he wanted to do more than just offer money, saying it was "empowerment" which was the key.

He spoke to an audience of Labour members in Swansea at the start of the Welsh party conference.

He also praised the "greatest march we have had for years against poverty" at Edinburgh during the Gleneagles G8 Summit in July last year.

Mr Brown said: "The central campaign that we've now got to lead going forward is not for debt relief alone, or not for aid alone.

"Not the debt relief of the poor or simply the financial relief of the poor, it is the empowerment of poor communities and poor people.

"Empowerment in trade, empowerment in education, empowerment in health care, empowerment for communities to make their own way in the world with the support and the capacity to do so."

We cannot allow these (millennium development) goals to be relegated from pledges to possibilities and then to words
Chancellor Gordon Brown

He told his audience, which included Welsh MEP Glenys Kinnock and Neil Kinnock, now Baron Kinnock of Bedwellty, that he was proud of Wales' track record over the years for global social justice.

Mrs Kinnock's work was known not just in Wales and Britain but "in every continent of the world," he said.

Speaking of the Make Poverty History campaign - which staged a march and rally in Edinburgh to coincide with the G8 summit - Mr Brown said: "What was achieved last year was not an achievement of politicians, not an achievement of the elite, it was people across this country and then across Europe and then across the world who said that debt relief was an issue that could not be ignored.

"That trade had to be addressed by politicians and we could no longer afford to make promises on aid that we never delivered."

He said charges were put to politicians that pledges on world poverty were all too often "downgraded to possibilities".

On the millennium development goals in particular he said: "We cannot allow these goals to be relegated from pledges to possibilities and then to words."

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