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Brown's Budget speech in 50 words
'Gordon Brown" (James Langley) campaigning for an end to VAT on the sale of condoms, outside the Treasury
Which chancellor gets your vote?
We asked you to sum up Gordon Brown's Budget speech in 50 words or less. More than 1,000 entries flooded in. We've sifted through them all and here is our top ten. Now we throw it back to you to decide which of these you think should be the overall winner...

If you are an immortal 80-year-old female millionaire science teacher, who needs childcare, drives a very small car, likes a cider chaser with a whiskey, buys her fags in the EU and wants to invest in venture capitalists and trusts, you're laughing all the way to the bank.
Derek Haughton, Corby UK

My name is Gordymandias, King of Kings: Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair! Nothing in truth remains. Behind the trump Of prudence and success, swelling undeclared, The PFI and pension debts stretch far away.
Rob Findlay, Shrewsbury, UK

There were jeers. There was heckling. There were smiles. There were frowns. He mentioned flip flops.
Thea Georgiades, Leigh, Lancs, UK

I'm the bestest Chancellor ever. I have met all the undemanding rules I set myself and haven't fiddled the figures, honest. If you've got kids you'll be better off but not if you take them to school in a Range Rover. I commend myself to 10 Downing Street.
Dave Farrell, Sheffield

Small cars good. Big cars bad. A penny on beer - good news for dad. Pupil investment up 3 grand. Stamp duty N/A on more land. Borrowing down - golden rule boast. Buses to take pensioners coast to coast. 2012 athletes given a hand. By then I may rule the land...
Andrew Cole, Twickenham, England.

Mr Brown, why so down, you're looking out of sorts, "Tony says I've got to spend my cash on blimin sports" Mr Brown, why so sad? A face of desperation, "Tony says I've got to spend my cash on edukasion" But Gordy mate, won't be long before he's on vacation!
Chris Needham, Preston, Lancs

Hard Budgeting, Gas Guzzling, Champagne Swigging, Ciggy Puffing, Pill Popping, Inheritance Benefiting, Baby Gifting, School Bigging, Tote Selling, Tax Crediting, Health Dodging, Sister Training, Prudence Loving, Golden Ruling, No Flip-Flopping, Tory Smacking, PM In-Waiting, Gordo
Linda Kelly, Grimsby

I've been chancellor for so long, I easily forget all that's gone wrong, All I see is the economy booming, And an office in no.10 that is surely looming, A stealth tax here, a soundbite there Can any budget really be fair?
Max, London, UK

Compared with (badStatistic) in (choose Japan, USA, France) I am proud to announce (bigNumber) billion this year (biggerNumber) next year (stringBignumbers) billion by 2011 for hard-working (choose children, families, Olympians). Loop (nextStatistic)
James Douglas, London

Fewer fags, less wine, no big wheels, half a house is better than none, more free education, education, education, more money for victims and athletes, more free travel for the elderly, fewer draughty homes, a dash of green and a sprinkling of credits - but, bottoms up, spirits untouched.
P Birrane-Scothern, London

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