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Unveiled - Labour names lenders
Top l to r: Lord Sainsbury, Dr Chai Patel, Sir Gulam Noon. Bottom l to r: Prof Sir Christopher Evans, Sir David Garrard, Rod Aldridge.
Some of the men named on Labour's list
Labour has published details of the almost 14m in secret loans from wealthy businessmen. The list was unveiled after it emerged that some of the lenders were later recommended for peerages.

Rod Aldridge - 1m
Executive chairman of IT support firm Capita, which has won millions of pounds worth of public contracts. He said the borrowing was at commercial rates, adding that it was a "personal decision on my part".

Richard Caring - 2m
Fashion magnate and owner of the Ivy restaurant, who is said to be worth 300m.

Gordon Crawford - 500,000
Chairman of London Bridge Software, who is reported to have made a personal fortune of more than 1bn from credit management software and banking.

Professor Sir Christopher Evans - 1m
Founder and chairman of Merlin Biosciences, which invests in companies working in biosciences. He has also backed small businesses through his membership of trusts and committees, including the Prime Minister's Council for Science and Technology.

Sir David Garrard - 2.3m
Property developer and co-owner with Andrew Rosenfeld of property group Minerva prior to floatation. He is also a supporter of a city academy.

Nigel Morris - 1m
Co-founded Capital One Financial Services and a governor of the London Business School.

Sir Gulam Noon - 250,000
Curry tycoon who helped make chicken tikka masala the UK's favourite dish.

Dr Chai Patel - 1.5m
The head of the Priory rehabilitation clinics.

Andrew Rosenfeld - 1m
A co-owner with Sir David Garrard of property group Minerva prior to floatation.

Lord David Sainsbury - 2m
Government science minister and member of the Sainsbury supermarket dynasty.

Barry Townsley - 1m
Stockbroker and chairman of financial services company Downay Day Townsley.

Derek Tullett - 400,000
Stockbroker and philanthropist. He is the founder of the money-broking firm which bore his name and was bought by Collins Stewart Tullett three years ago.

Total: 13,950,000

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