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In full: Dr Chai Patel's letter
Dr Chai Patel's letter in full to the House of Lords Appointments Commission:

"I am taking the unprecedented step of writing directly to you and your commission as it has been brought to my attention that you are inclined to advise the prime minister to withdraw my nomination as a working peer.

I am utterly mystified by this and deeply distressed, particularly as I have been given not one reason to support your position.

As you may know, my family and I have already had to endure years of press leaks and innuendo regarding a situation over which I had no direct control at one of the nursing homes within the company I ran.

At no time have I ever had the opportunity to present the evidence from my standpoint. My reputation has been traduced based on nothing more than biased allegations which the media has been using for its own ends whilst conveniently overlooking any evidence to the contrary.

Now I am faced with this current situation and find my reputation being impugned yet again -with absolutely no explanation from the commission.

There can be no other outcome than that this will seriously affect my ability to continue working within the health and education sector.

I am led to believe that you may have received letters from the public and Members of Parliament informing you of my unsuitability for this office.

To the best of my knowledge, the commission has not balanced this by requesting opinions from either myself or anyone else involved.

It if is true about your advice on this particular situation, then I would urge you in common decency to have the courtesy of informing me just on what evidence you base your decision upon and your reasons for then drawing your conclusions.

I felt deeply honoured when the prime minister proposed my name.

I felt that I could take on the enormous responsibility in view of my experience both as a professional as well as a businessman, having worked in the health service, investment banking and latterly managing significant and complex health and education organisation.

In addition, I have had the privilege of serving public bodies, policy-making forums and regulatory environments for many years now.

I feel that, given my accumulated experience and deep sense of public service, as well as being able to devote the time to undertake the responsibility effectively, I would be able to make a contribution to the parliamentary process.

I understand that my barrister, Mary O'Rourke, sent you two letters of commendation which were volunteered at the time of the GMC enquiry.

She also offered to assist you with any concerns you might have regarding the GMC. I believe she has received no response however.

I am unclear what level of enquiry you have undertaken but from my viewpoint it seems I am unable to rely on the system offering me a fair hearing. I would have expected more from a committee of such stature.

I urge you to give this matter your urgent consideration so that I and my family can gain a better understanding of just what is happening.

I am in the position whereby I can neither be offered the opportunity to undertake public service, nor be able to defend my reputation in day-to-day life.

I would welcome your response as a matter of urgency."

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