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Quiz: The British welfare state
Think you know from Bevan from your Beveridge, your essentials from your luxuries? Try our quiz on the history of the welfare state.

Question 1
The NHS costs 1350 per head every year now, what did it cost in today's money in 1950?
A: 180
B: 55
C: 260
Question 2
Half of the 10 most deprived areas in England are in which city outside London?
A: Bristol
B: Liverpool
C: Manchester
Question 3
When were the first state old-age pensions actually introduced?
A: 1909
B: 1919
C: 1946
Question 4
How many people living below the poverty line own their own home?
A: 56%
B: 10%
C: 37%
Question 5
What proportion of people say they cannot afford to own a second pair of shoes?
A: One in five
B: One in seven
C: One in 15
Question 6
What proportion of working age adults do not have a job?
A: One in three
B: One in four
C: One in five
Question 7
Which of these things is not seen as a basic necessity for children?
A: Attending weddings and funerals
B: A dictionary
C: A microwave oven
Question 8
Who is the Work and Pensions Secretary?
A: Andrew Smith
B: Alistair Darling
C: David Blunkett
Question 9
Who said: "The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved"?
A: Nelson Mandela
B: Mother Teresa of Calcutta
C: Diana, Princess of Wales
Question 10
Clement Attlee attended which British boarding school?
A: Haileybury
B: Fettes
C: Winchester

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