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Cameron 'among 100 sexiest men'
Conservative leader David Cameron
David Cameron was just ahead of singer James Blunt
Russell Crowe may have wowed women film lovers in his Gladiator battle armour but he has lost out to David Cameron in a vote on the world's 100 sexiest men.

Mr Cameron was 92nd in the poll, just ahead of You're Beautiful singer James Blunt and Hollywood star Crowe.

He was the only politician to feature in the top 100, chosen by more than 10,000 New Woman magazine readers.

Deputy editor Cath Rapley said Mr Cameron was "young, dashing" and promising things for the future.

Brad Pitt
Jake Gyllenhaal
Orlando Bloom
Johnny Depp
Clive Owen
Source: New Woman poll

The poll was topped by Brad Pitt, just ahead of Jake Gyllenhaal, star of gay cowboy film Brokeback Mountain, and actors Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp and Clive Owen.

Hunky boss?

Mr Cameron's spokeswoman said: "We're all delighted. Now I don't want to say we're surprised, do I? David says he's 'pleased and surprised'."

The Tory leader, 39, has been accused of being a "rip off" of Tony Blair in his younger days and the poll result apes one of the prime minister's more glamorous vote successes.

Mr Blair came 44th in a Cosmopolitan poll of the sexiest men in 1998.

Mr Cameron's spokeswoman added: "Oh, we've got competition have we? We'll have to aim higher next year.

"Ah, but David Cameron's the only politician in this year's poll, isn't he? That's got to be a good thing."

'Power attraction'

Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch said recently that Mr Cameron's focus had so far been all on image. If the poll is right, it must be paying off.

Explaining her readers' choice, Ms Rapley said the Tory leader had probably benefited from being the "new kid on the block" in British politics.

"Power is quite intoxicating for women," she said. "He is obviously on our readers' radar because they are quite celebrity obsessed and news media savvy."

She said Mr Cameron's sex appeal could possibly prove a vote-winner.

"If you trust somebody and think they are a good person that does play a part in whether they can win your vote," added Ms Rapley.

Mr Cameron's looks won him one high-profile backer during the Conservative leadership contest - ex-Big Brother housemate Derek Laud.

During the Tory conference last October, the gay former Conservative speechwriter assessed how the leadership contenders might fare in the Big Brother show.

"A very significant number of women vote in the Big Brother contest," he said. "Good looks are very important and David Cameron is very attractive."

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