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What's on David Cameron's iPod?

The Smiths singer Morrissey on Top of the Pops in 1985
The Smiths: Top of the Pops in 1985

Tory leader David Cameron has revealed the contents of his new music player.

Mr Cameron said the iPod nano - a Christmas gift from his wife Samantha - was filled with a "real mix" of music from The Smiths and Blur to Bob Dylan.

He said his favourite album was by the Killers. Asked on Radio 1 whether he preferred Will Young or James Blunt, he went for the Pop Idol winner.

He told DJs Colin and Edith he enjoyed "a lot of gloomy stuff" but drew the line at gravel-voiced Tom Waits.

'Gloomy music'

"Because I'm 39, there's The Smiths, Radiohead, Pulp, Blur - all that quite gloomy music.

"I'm a big Bob Dylan fan - there's a lot of Bob Dylan but I'm not a Tom Waits fan. There's a lot of reggae on it. The Killers album I think is fantastic - that is my like favourite album at the moment."

He also name checked Radiohead and the Ramones.

Mr Cameron also told Colin and Edith he had given up smoking again at the New Year, having earlier returned to the habit during the Tory leadership contest.

"I've got a patch on and this time it's real. I gave up for seven months last year and during the leadership election the pressure got a bit too great and I'm afraid I went back on the fags.

"But I thought this time, that's it. I'm hoping to kick it."


When quizzed on other vices Mr Cameron confessed to playing poker when he was at Oxford University, saying: "I lost money and I stopped. I've never played online. I have a face that you can just see exactly when I'm bluffing."

Asked by presenter Colin Murray which member of Girls Aloud was most likely to "get a bit of the Cameron love" if he was single, the Tory leader initially said: "It is an impossible choice."

David Cameron
Tory leader arrives for Radio 1 grilling

He was shown a calendar of the group and pressed for an answer - and then advised to pick the one who looked most like his wife.

He replied: "The one on the left", which was Cheryl Tweedy.

Tony Blair, who was briefly in a student rock band, has also made much of his love of rock music, claiming in the past to enjoy The Darkness, Coldplay and the Foo Fighters.

Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy has said he is a big fan of David Bowie.

During the interview he was asked whether he would rather be joined in a civil partnership with Tony Blair or Charles Kennedy.

Mr Cameron picked Charles Kennedy because he thought he would be "more fun" than Tony Blair.

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