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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 May 2005, 22:44 GMT 23:44 UK
Media react to blistering hearing
George Galloway's explosive testimony before United States senators has surprised even seasoned American observers of Capitol Hill.

Mr Galloway testifies to Senate panel
The explosive nature of Mr Galloways' testimony created headlines

CNN's Wolf Blitzer described the British MP's evidence as "a blistering attack on US senators rarely heard" in the seat of American power.

"Members of Congress are clearly not used to what goes on in the British parliament," he suggested in an interview with Mr Galloway.

The New York Times website also noted that "the vitriolic tone used by Mr Galloway was rare for a witness in a Senate hearing".

It described his appearance as "unusual".

"George Galloway seemed to catch the panel off guard with his intensely delivered denials... " the NYT said.

Before his testimony in front of senators, Mr Galloway's name was hardly on the lips of the US media, still less the US public.

But the NYT said the British MP had enlivened the dry issue of abuses of the UN Oil-for-Food programme.

"The unapologetic Mr Galloway put a dramatic face on a scandal that has been largely bogged down in the arcane details of diverted oil shipments, translated documents, shadowy go-betweens and questionable payments," it said.

'Quite a show'

In 2003, the Christian Science Monitor issued a public apology to Mr Galloway over a story alleging that he accepted millions of pounds from Saddam Hussein, which turned out to be based on faked documents.

It headlined Mr Galloway's latest testimony: "Galloway lashes out at senators".

"Galloway's appearance was an odd spectacle on Capitol Hill," the CSM's website said.

"A legislator from a friendly nation, voluntarily testifying under oath, without immunity, at a combative congressional hearing where neither side showed much pretense of diplomatic niceties."

Meanwhile, the Fox News channel described the British parliamentarian as an "arch-leftie British MP".

Fox political commentator Eric Shawn said Mr Galloway had "put on quite a show".

The "firebrand British MP defiantly lashed out" in a series of "heated" exchanges, Mr Shawn said.

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