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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 May, 2005, 10:47 GMT 11:47 UK
Queen's Speech at-a-glance
A total of 44 bills and six draft bills are in the 2005 Queen's Speech - ensuring a packed legislative schedule in the parliamentary session that follows the general election. And one further bill - on reforming the House of Lords - is mentioned but no timetable is given.

Animal Welfare Bill

A bill aimed at pulling together existing legislation on animal welfare in England and Wales. First proposed in last session.

Armed Forces Bill

Establishes a single system of service law for the armed forces.

Charities Bill

An attempt by the government to boost the voluntary sector by overhauling charity laws "so that a vibrant, diverse and independent charitable sector can continue to flourish with public confidence".

Child Care bill

Places a duty on local authorities to secure sufficient child care to meet the needs in their local area, and change the regulation of child care provision for the under fives.

Child Contact and Inter-Country Adoption Bill

Will give the courts flexible powers to enable contact arrangements and ensure agreements are enforced

Civil Aviation Bill

Strengthen the regulation of aircraft noise and emission- but does not commit to ensuring that carbon trading will cover airline fuel.

Commissioner for Older People (Wales)

Creates a new watchdog for older people, similar to the children's commissioner for Wales.

Common Land Bill

This will provide new protection for common land identified as part of the "rural cultural identity of England and Wales".

Company Law Bill

Ministers want to make it easier to set up and run a company as part of its drive towards a more flexible and competitive economy. Held over from last session.

Compensation Bill

A bill to discourage the "compensation culture" in the law courts.

Consumer Credit Bill

Consumer credit laws are to be updated in an attempt to give people greater protection from unfair lending practices. First proposed in previous Parliament.

Corporate Manslaughter Bill

A bill holding bosses to account when people are killed in disasters. Draft version in previous Parliament.

Counter Terrorism Bill (draft)

Further measures to remedy any "gaps or deficiencies" in the Prevention of Terrorism Act which became law at the end of the last Parliament, including "scope for new offences which would assist in bringing suspected terrorists before the courts."

Coroner Reform Bill (draft)

Plans to reform the coroner service following two independent reviews.

Criminal Defence Bill

This aims to make "the best use of legal aid resources" in order to provide value for money for the taxpayer and is intended to ensure people who can afford their legal defence pay for it.

Crossrail Bill

This will pave the way for building the Crossrail link across London. Held over from last session.

Education Bill

A bill giving schools greater freedom to expand, allowing new independent providers to enter the state system, and giving parents more powers to call in Ofsted inspections for failing schools.

Electoral Administration Bill

Will establish new electoral fraud offences to ensure the security of postal ballots.

Equality Bill

This will aim to extend protection against discrimination to religious faith and will also will establish a new Commission for Equality and Human Rights. Held over from last session.

EU Accession Bill

Paves the way for the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the EU in 2007.

European Union Bill

Laws setting out the rules for a vote on the draft new EU constitution - which could take place in spring 2006.

Fraud Bill

Clarify and strengthen current law on fraud, by simplifying the law and creating a new offence of obtaining services dishonestly, and focusing on intent rather than outcomes.

Government of Wales Bill

Extended powers for Welsh Assembly, to be decided after further consultation and a referendum if full law-making powers are proposed.

Housing Benefit Bill

Reform of housing benefit to encourage more mobility by introducing flat-rate housing benefits, which vary by area.

House of Lords Reform Bill

A free vote will be allowed on further reforms to the House of Lords, including making it an elected chamber. Uncertain whether it will be introduced in this session of Parliament.

Health Improvement and Protection Bill

Measures to tackle MRSA, including a new hygiene code of practice with a range of sanctions. Legislation to introduce a smoking ban in all enclosed public places (except pubs which don't sell food) by 2008.

Identity Cards Bill

Moves towards the introduction of ID cards by 2008 are outlined. Most controversial measure in the previous session.

Immigration and Asylum Bill

Part of the five-year strategy to modernise the system, including the plan for a points system for work permits and tougher penalties for employers who employ illegal workers.

Incapacity Benefit Bill

Reforming incapacity benefit to get people to move from welfare to work.

Incitement to Religious Hatred Bill

Makes it a criminal offence to stir up hatred against members of minority faiths. Criticism or ridicule of faiths would not be covered by the offence.

Judicial Pensions Bill

This will maintain the current value of judges' pensions within their overall remuneration package.

Legal Services Bill (draft)

Reforms the regulatory framework for legal services, setting up an independent complaints body.

Management of Offenders and Sentencing Bill

This aims to reduce re-offending and would introduce the National Offender Management Service. Extends powers of tagging and allows lie detector tests for sex offenders..

Marine Bill (draft)

Sets up a sustainable development framework for planning and managing coastal areas, marine habitats and wildlife.

Mental Health Bill

Provides a legal framework for treating people with a mental disorder without their consent when they pose a risk to others or themselves.

Merchant Shipping Bill

Increases compensation available in case of an oil spill.

Natural Environment Bill

Combines English Nature and the Countryside Agency to create Natural England. Establishes a commission for rural communities.

NHS Redress Bill

Sets up a new authority to allow patients to claim compensation for mistakes made by NHS hospitals.

National Lottery Bill

Aims to streamline the process for applying to get lottery cash by establishing a Big Lottery fund and give the public more say in lottery distribution decisions. Held over from last session.

Northern Ireland Counter Terrorism Bill

Renewing the existing anti-terrorist powers.

Northern Ireland Election Bill

Amending the current electoral registration to give chief electoral officer increased powers to access data from other bodies to prevent fraud, and abolishing the annual canvas.

Olympics Bill

Creates an Olympic Delivery Authority if Britain wins the right to host the games in 2012.

Parental Rights Bill

Extends statutory maternity pay from 26 to 39 weeks from 2007, and allows some to be paid to the father.

Pensions Bill (draft)

Setting up the authority to change the pensions system - but no decisions before the Turner Commission reports in the autumn.

Protecting Vulnerable Groups Bill

Implements the recommendations of the Bichard inquiry on preventing unsuitable people from working with children, following the Soham murders.

Regulation of Financial Services Bill

Will bring home reversion schemes (where elderly people sell a share of the equity in their home in return for an annual income) under regulation.

Regulatory Reform Bill

Legislation to streamline regulatory structures and make it simpler to removed outdated or unnecessary legislation.

Road Safety Bill

More flexible system of fixed penalties, for example for speeding.

Tourism Accommodation (Wales) Bill (draft)

Provides for the statutory regulation of tourist accommodation following a request from the Welsh Assembly.

Transport (Wales) Bill

Gives the Welsh Assembly new powers over transport issues. Ran out of time in last session.

Violent Crime Bill

Will tackle knife crime, banning sales of knives to under-18s, and reduce availability of replica guns. Also further measures to reduce binge drinking and tackle yob behaviour in town centres.

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