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Last Updated: Monday, 31 October 2005, 17:41 GMT
In full: Blunkett statement
Here is the full text of Work and Pensions Secretary David Blunkett's statement about the shares he bought in a DNA testing company and which were being held in trust for his sons.

On May 6, when I was appointed secretary of state for work and pensions, I resigned as a non-executive director in DNA Bioscience, and announced this in the departmental press notice on that day.

I also notified my permanent secretary on appointment in writing of both my short time with DNA Bioscience and the shares I had purchased and then put into trust for my three eldest sons.

Additionally, I also notified the Registrar of Members' Interests of both my time with DNA Bioscience and the trust. As previously stated, DNA Bioscience does not have any contracts with my Department or the Child Support Agency.

I have not made any representations to any government department or agency on behalf of DNA Bioscience since returning to government, nor have I provided any advice to the company.

There has therefore been no conflict of interest. However, I am not prepared even to have the appearance that there could be any potential future conflict whilst the trust retains any shares in DNA Bioscience.

I have therefore asked my sons to authorise the trustees to dispose of the shares. They have agreed to this.

I have taken this step not only to avoid continuing misinterpretation of the position, but also to protect family and friends from further intrusion and hope that will be respected.

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