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Last Updated: Thursday, 24 March, 2005, 12:58 GMT
MP thrown out over Hodge remark
Laurence Robertson
Mr Robertson was protesting about special schools closing
A Conservative MP has been ordered out of the Commons chamber for accusing a minister of misleading MPs.

Laurence Robertson said children's minister Margaret Hodge had given answers to MPs' questions that were "not only inadequate but dishonest".

The Tewkesbury MP refused to withdraw the remark, made as he protested about special schools being closed in his constituency.

Commons rules bar MPs from accusing other politicians of lying.

Mr Robertson criticised Ms Hodge for not mentioning the closure of Alderman Knight School in Tewkesbury and Belmont School in nearby Cheltenham when she replied to MPs' questions on the subject.

Mr Speaker, I am here to represent my constituents. I will not withdraw that remark
Laurence Robertson

"Why didn't you mention those schools when you gave your inadequate answers?," he said.

"Your answer this morning was not only inadequate, it was dishonest. You have misled the House."

Ordered by Speaker Michael Martin to withdraw the remark, Mr Robertson said: "Mr Speaker, I am here to represent my constituents. I will not withdraw that remark."

He was then told to leave the chamber.

Last week Plaid Cymru's Adam Price was ordered to leave the chamber after accusing the prime minister of misleading Parliament over the Iraq war.

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