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Budget 2005 quiz
Gordon Brown
It's on the tip of his tongue...
As Gordon Brown prepares to deliver a record breaking ninth Budget, how does your economic record measure up? Do you know your Budget facts - or is it all a financial black hole?

Take our quiz and find out.

Question 1
What was the basic rate of income tax in 1905?
A: 5%
B: 50%
C: 75%
Question 2
Who is the longest serving chancellor of the exchequer in modern times?
A: Nigel Lawson
B: Gordon Brown
C: David Lloyd George
Question 3
"The place is geared towards eloquence rather than the pursuit of excellence" - Gordon Brown in 1997. But what was he talking about?
A: The House of Commons
B: The United Nations
C: Labour's National Executive Committee
Question 4
Which voter-friendly measure did Gordon Brown not include in his pre-election 2001 Budget?
A: 50% cut in duty on small brewers
B: Abolition of betting tax
C: Paternity leave
Question 5
How many tax increases has Gordon Brown introduced since 1997, according to Tory shadow chancellor Oliver Letwin?
A: 66
B: 22
C: 130
Question 6
Which of these prime ministers did not serve as chancellor of the exchequor?
A: John Major
B: Harold Wilson
C: Winston Churchill
Question 7
Which of these Budget traditions is regularly broken by Gordon Brown?
A: Keeping his papers in a red box
B: Sipping whisky during the speech
C: Allowing the opposition to respond
Question 8
How much extra tax has Gordon Brown put on a packet of 20 cigarettes since his first budget in 1997?
A: 53p
B: 1.34
C: 2.50
Question 9
Which measure was not included in the Liberal Democrats' alternative budget, unveiled in February?
A: 50% top rate of income tax
B: Increase stamp duty thresholds to 100,000
C: Windfall tax on banks and oil giants
Question 10
How many times did Gordon Brown mention stability in his 2004 Budget speech?
A: He didn't mention it once
B: 12 times
C: 24 times

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