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Blunkett tells of 'terrible time'
Kimberly Quinn and David Blunkett
Kimberly Quinn and David Blunkett had a three-year relationship
David Blunkett has described the recent turmoil in his personal life as a "tragedy", three months after an affair with a married woman led him to quit.

The former home secretary said all involved were still having a "terrible time" and asked to be left alone.

His comments, made to BBC One's Breakfast With Frost, come after it emerged Mr Blunkett was not the father of his ex-lover Kimberly Quinn's baby.

Mr Blunkett quit over claims he helped Mrs Quinn's ex-nanny get a visa.

The claims, and the circumstances of his affair with the married publisher, sparked intense media interest.

But speaking to Sir David Frost in a pre-recorded interview for the programme, Mr Blunkett appealed for an end to the "vivid" and "very destructive" publicity.

When my private life and my public life were conjoined together there was nothing I could do about that, but it's over
David Blunkett

"Honestly, it was a tragedy," he said. "There's nothing in the least bit entertaining about what's taken place and I'd just like people to let all of us, all of us, get on with our private lives.

"When my private life and my public life were conjoined together there was nothing I could do about that, but it's over."

The interview comes after a row erupted between Mr Blunkett and Mrs Quinn and her husband Stephen over press reports about the parentage of baby Lorcan.

The baby was born in February, six weeks after Mr Blunkett's resignation.

Court battle

A spokesman for Mr Blunkett confirmed in a press statement last weekend that DNA tests had shown he was not the father.

Mr Quinn reacted angrily, criticising Mr Blunkett for talking to the press about family matters.

But Mr Blunkett said he had not revealed any details to the press but had only been responding to a story in the Sun newspaper, which had broken the story.

Mr Blunkett and Mrs Quinn's three-year relationship ended in the middle of last year.

In December, Mr Blunkett won the first round of a High Court battle over access to Mrs Quinn's two-year-old, William, whom he claims is his son.

The same month, Mr Blunkett resigned his post after admitting his office had helped speed up Mrs Quinn's ex-nanny's work permit application.

Mr Blunkett's first interview since his resignation



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