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Last Updated: Saturday, 5 March 2005, 11:18 GMT
Blunkett 'did not father child'
Kimberly Quinn and David Blunkett
Kimberly Quinn and David Blunkett
Former home secretary David Blunkett is not the father of his ex-lover's baby son, according to DNA tests.

A spokesman for Mr Blunkett confirmed the tests proved he was not the father of Kimberly Quinn's son Lorcan.

Mrs Quinn, 44, gave birth by Caesarean section last month, six weeks after Mr Blunkett resigned his post.

Mr Blunkett quit after admitting his office helped speed Mrs Quinn's ex-nanny's work permit application. He is seeking access to her elder child.

The former cabinet minister has taken legal action to gain access to two-year-old William, who he claims is his son.

Paternity doubts

The spokesman said Mr Blunkett had never claimed Lorcan was his child, and was "pleased" any uncertainty had been cleared up.

He said: "Because of uncertainty about paternity, several weeks ago it was agreed with Mrs Quinn that a DNA test would be carried out.

I will not draw a distinction between biological and non-biological - we are not buying Persil or Daz
Stephen Quinn

"The test was undertaken shortly after the birth. This has established that Mr Blunkett is not the child's father.

"He is pleased that this has been clarified and wishes to make clear that as far as he is concerned, there have never been, despite inaccurate press reports several weeks ago, any legal proceedings in relation to that child."

The Sun newspaper said Mr Blunkett had informed Prime Minister Tony Blair of the result of the test.

Court battle

Mrs Quinn's husband Stephen told reporters he would not discuss the news out of respect for the family court division.

"We were asked by the family court division not to do so and that is to protect our children, protect William and Lorcan. They are our children, we love them, we care for them."

He continued: "I will not draw a distinction between biological and non-biological. We are not buying Persil or Daz."

In December, Mr Blunkett won the first round of a High Court battle over access to Mrs Quinn's two-year-old son, William.

Mr Blunkett and Mrs Quinn's three-year relationship broke up in the middle of last year.

David Blunkett's affair became public last summer

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