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Tory MP helps save drowning man
Michael Fabricant
Anyone would have done the same, said Mr Fabricant
A Conservative MP turned lifesaver when he dragged a drowning man to safety, it has emerged.

Michael Fabricant, MP for Lichfield, helped 18-year-old student Jack Shelley rescue a man, known only as Ian, from Minster Pool in Lichfield's centre.

Mr Shelley was walking home in the early hours of Thursday morning when he heard shouts, saw the middle-aged man in trouble and ran for help.

He found Mr Fabricant getting out of a taxi, and they went to the man's aid.

After dragging him out of the pool, they kept him warm until police and paramedics arrived.

Anybody would have done it in my position
Michael Fabricant MP

The MP has played down the rescue, saying that anyone would have done the same.

He said: "We ran down and dragged him out from the bank, we went a bit into the water but we did not have to wade in.

"It was then just a question of calming him down, trying to keep him warm.

"Anybody would have done it in my position."

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