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Last Updated: Thursday, 29 September 2005, 15:32 GMT 16:32 UK
Labour conference at-a-glance: Day four
All you need to know about Day Four of the Labour conference 2005, at-a-glance:


The only subject on anyone's lips is the conference security and the forced removal of an 82-year-old heckler during Jack Straw's speech on Wednesday.


After Tony Blair's apology, Walter Wolfgang - the 82-year-old Labour activist thrown out of the party's annual conference by stewards for heckling Jack Straw - makes a joyful return.

While Ruth Kelly is busy banning junk food from school menus, Labour delegates in Brighton were testing the delights - or otherwise - of conference cuisine. Would it pass her test?

Delegates vote against the government for the fourth time, backing a motion to provide extra funds for local authorities to build more council homes.

Security at Labour's conference is attacked as "mad and over the top" after an MP's camera was seized and pictures deleted.


Who says lefties have no sense of humour? Campaign Group leader Alan Simpson is so angry with the way security staff at the conference centre are behaving - "manhandling" 82-year-old anti-war heckler William Wolfgang for example - he has come up with a new wheeze to attack New Labour. "I'm going to suggest to the Campaign Group that New Labour has a new slogan: 'Out with Clause Four and in with Group Four'," he declared. I can see the badges already.

Move over Turkey Twizzlers - there is a new target for the venom of Britain's health conscious mums (and publicity conscious TV chefs). Introducing "Mr Greedy's salty sausages" (stop sniggering at the back) - not a delicacy known previously to the BBC News website's team in Brighton, but after Wakefield MP Mary Creagh brandished a tin of them during the school dinners debate on Wednesday we shall be seeking them out forthwith. They look quite tasty...



Question and answer session with Lord Falconer followed by fraternal speaker

Speech from Local Government Minister David Miliband and a debate on creating sustainable communities

Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett makes speech, followed by a final address from Defence Secretary John Reid


An 82-year-old being manhandled from the Labour conference highlights a deeper disquiet about security and the treatment of hecklers.

One was a survivor of the Holocaust, the other a former Holocaust denier. Together they sent the message that hatred can only be beaten by education.


Heckler Walter Wolfgang, 82, is welcomed on his return to the Labour conference
Heckler Walter Wolfgang, 82, is welcomed on his return to the Labour conference


You cannot stifle debate by hiring heavies. A party has to be open to the world and it's got to also discuss international issues instead of ignoring it

Walter Wolfgang


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