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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 September 2005, 11:46 GMT 12:46 UK
Little Britain a hit with Blairs
By Brian Wheeler
BBC News politics reporter

Its camp humour and grotesque characters have won it a hatful of awards.

Anthony Head and David Walliams in Little Britain
Unrequited love: The prime minister and Sebastian

But now it seems Little Britain has a new fan club - inside Number 10.

Cherie Blair has revealed the cult BBC One comedy is a firm favourite with her family.

Touring fringe stalls at Labour's annual conference on Monday, the prime minister's wife said the show was required viewing in the Blair household.


Sadly, she did not reveal her favourite characters - although the fact that the prime minister is played in one long-running sketch by Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor Anthony Head, may add to its appeal.

The show is less flattering about the PM's entourage, with Downing Street aide Sebastian, played by the show's co-creator David Walliams, constantly making unsubtle passes at the oblivious Head.

Head's character - which Walliams has admitted is loosely based on Mr Blair - is always portrayed as charming and in control, yet when the chancellor appears, played by co-creator Matt Lucas, he is a dour, unsmiling Scot enviously eyeing the PM's job.

Other clues to the show's appeal for the Blair family may lie in another sketch, in which a pair of Tory ladies vomit copiously over anyone who offends their reactionary sensibilities.

And could Mr Blair's crackdown on anti-social behaviour have been inspired by teenage tearaway Vicky Pollard?


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