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Last Updated: Monday, 24 January, 2005, 23:21 GMT
US 'committed to Iran diplomacy'
Jack Straw
Jack Straw says the 'military option' in Iran was not discussed
President George W Bush is committed to a diplomatic approach to Iran, UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has said after talks in the US.

Speculation the US is planning to attack Iran has grown amid concerns the Iranians are building nuclear weapons.

But speaking after talks with Condoleezza Rice - Mr Bush's nominee as new US secretary of state - Mr Straw sought to allay fears of an attack.

He said the issue of the "military option" in Iran had not been raised.


Vice President Dick Cheney has said Iran tops the US list of "trouble spots".

But at Monday's talks, he backed the diplomatic approach to Iran, Mr Straw said.

He added: "It is a difficult issue for everybody because you have a country there in which there has been an unquestioned breach of its international obligations under the non-proliferation treaty."

Iran's leaders have said they will defend themselves but they did not expect an attack on their country.

Mr Straw has already said Britain would not participate in any such attack.

Downing Street said the government's position was to work with other European countries to persuade Iran not to develop nuclear weapons.

Mr Straw and Ms Rice were understood to have discussed the looming prospect of the European Union ending its embargo on selling arms to China, which Britain accepts but the US strongly opposes.

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