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Last Updated: Monday, 22 August 2005, 15:06 GMT 16:06 UK
Clarke to launch hatred crackdown
Charles Clarke
Charles Clarke said new measures were needed to combat extremism
Home Secretary Charles Clarke says he will unveil new plans to crack down on "preachers of intolerance and hatred".

The measures are expected to include the power to shut mosques where clerics are thought to back terrorism and the deportation of suicide bomb advocates.

Writing in the Evening Standard, he said the powers will be revealed and acted on in the next few days.

He said the moves, referred to soon after the 7 July attacks, were needed as "the rules of the game" had changed.

The announcement of new measure to strengthen British security had been widely expected.

We must protect the traditions of tolerance that we have established in this country
Charles Clarke
Home Secretary

Last month, after the London bombings claimed the lives of 52 people and four suicide bombers, the home secretary ordered an immediate review of his powers to exclude and deport people.

Mr Clarke wanted to ensure that any non-British citizen suspected of inciting terrorism is deported immediately.

New powers to crack down on people going to suspected terror training camps overseas, or organising such training, as well as measures to combat those who researched bomb construction using the internet, are also understood to have been considered.

A new incitement offence could be used against extremist preachers or others making public speeches.


Inciting terrorism directly is already illegal. The new law would attempt to cover indirect incitement.

In his Evening Standard article, Mr Clarke said: "This week I will be publishing and then acting upon new ways of dealing with preachers of intolerance and hatred and extremists who try to exploit the openness of our society to oppress others.

"We must protect the traditions of tolerance that we have established in this country through centuries of struggle and that means cracking down on those who preach intolerance and abuse free speech to justify terrorism, advocate violence or foster hatred."

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