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In quotes: Mo Mowlam
Former cabinet minister Mo Mowlam has died aged 55. Here are some of the key quotes from her political career:

"I have several years of my working life left and want to do something different before I finally retire," on standing down from Parliament.

"I have had whispering campaigns for rather a long time and if I'd listened to them I would not be here now," on supposed negative briefing against her which dogged the latter part of her time in politics.

"I urge Labour supporters simply not to believe the rubbish being peddled," on claims by author Ken Follett she was being briefed against.

"Everyone has got to give a little. No-one is going to get 100% of what they want. If everybody is willing to accept some change, we can do it," urging a spirit of compromise on the eve of the Good Friday agreement in 1998.

"I didn't negotiate, I didn't do a deal. If you want progress, you ain't going to get it if you don't have talks," on going inside the Maze prison to meet Loyalists in a bid to restart the peace process.

"I don't think it was right and I don't think it was legal but I don't have enough legal knowledge to be 100% sure of the latter," on the war in Iraq.

"I haven't made any secret of being a child of the 60s, never have. I wasn't part of the drugs culture, but I have said in previous interviews this isn't a new news story. I said I tried marijuana, didn't like it particularly and unlike President Clinton I did inhale. But it wasn't part of my life then and that's what happened," on her student days.

"You'd have the money from tax, which if it were ring-fenced for working with addicts whether cannabis, pills, barbiturates, coke or heroin you'd have a chance of beating it," on the idea of legalising all drugs.

"Bloody well get on and do it, otherwise I'll head-butt you!" overheard talking to Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams at talks running up to the Good Friday Agreement.


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