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Quiz: Know your rights
Recent years have seen a raft of new laws on everything from anti-social behaviour to the collection of DNA samples and the introduction of community support officers. Take our quiz - and find out how well you know your rights.

Question 1
You are driving home after working late when you are stopped by two police officers. They say they are conducting an anti-terrorist operation and ask if they can search your car. What happens if you refuse?
A: The officers can arrest you
B: The officers have to obtain a warrant first
C: They cannot arrest you - you are free to go
Question 2
You agree to a search and the officers discover a Swiss army knife in your glove compartment. Can they arrest you?
A: Yes
B: No - but they can confiscate the knife
C: No - but they can fine you
Question 3
You believe you have been wrongly arrested. While you are waiting for your solicitor to turn up, the arresting officer asks if he can take a DNA sample. What happens if you refuse?
A: The officer has to apply to a court for permission
B: The officer can forcibly take a mouth swab
C: They can forcibly take a sample only if your solicitor is present
Question 4
Charges against you have been dropped but the police want to keep a sample of your DNA. Can they do this without your permission?
A: No
B: Yes
C: Only if you have been arrested on suspicion of terror offences
Question 5
You always see in the New Year with a fireworks display. But the new fireworks laws include a curfew - does that mean you will have to cancel?
A: No
B: Yes
C: You will need to apply for permission from the council
Question 6
You ask your 16-year-old neice to pop across the road to fetch the rockets for your fireworks display. On the way back she runs into a police officer. Can he arrest her?
A: Yes
B: No
Question 7
You have been banned from owning a stereo after tormenting your neighbours with loud music. But the anti-social behaviour order also bans you from owning a TV and orders you to move house. Can you appeal?
A: Yes
B: No
C: You can appeal against the order itself but not the terms
Question 8
Your 17-year-old son is caught red handed by a police community support officer spraying his name on a wall. How long can he be detained until a police officer arrives to formally arrest him?
A: He is free to go after 10 minutes
B: He is free to go after 30 minutes
C: He is free to go - it is not an arrestable offence
Question 9
How long do you have to stand on one leg under the new police tests for driving under the influence of drugs?
A: 30 seconds on one foot
B: 30 seconds on each foot
C: One minute on each foot

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