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Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 December, 2004, 11:46 GMT
Key points: Mawer Blunkett report
Here are the key points of the Parliamentary commissioner for standard's report into complaints against David Blunkett

  • The standards commissioner Sir Philip Mawer has recommended that a complaint that David Blunkett misused two first class rail tickets assigned to him for his work as an MP be upheld

  • Responding to the report, the committee has agreed with the commissioner that the complaints against him be upheld

  • Sir Philip said travel warrants supplied to members in their Parliamentary capacity were not available for use by their partners or friends

  • Mr Blunkett admitted misusing the "spouses rail warrant" on one occasion. He gave the ticket to his former lover Kimberly Quinn

  • Sir Philip said this was a clear breach of the house rules and MPs' code of conduct

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  • Mr Blunkett has repaid a sum of 179 - the then cost of the rail ticket between London Kings Cross and Doncaster - to the House of Commons

  • Sir Philip made his report to the Commons committee on standards and privileges on December 20 following a complaint from three MPs on November 30

  • The committee acknowledged that Mr Blunkett has apologised for his error and repaid the outstanding sum

  • Mr Blunkett attributed his mistake to an incorrect presumption that the rules relating to spouse travel had been extended to include partners

  • It was clear that this presumption was wrong in rules contained in the so-called Green Book

  • It was Mr Blunkett's responsibility to be aware of the rules of the House, the committee said

  • The committee has not yet decided a penalty but has been urged to consider four things in doing so by the commissioner: That Mr Blunkett admitted using the rail warrant, through his spokesman, when the allegation was first raised; that Mr Blunkett had recognised his error, apologised and repaid the sum; that no evidence of any other "instances of abuse" by Mr Blunkett of the allowances provided by the house has been uncovered; the committee should also be bear in mind the outcome of similar cases of breaches of the Houses allowances regime.


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