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Last Updated: Monday, 15 November, 2004, 21:51 GMT
Don't go it alone, Blair tells US
Tony Blair speaking at the Lord Mayor's Banquet
Mr Blair wants the US to reach out in the terror fight
Tony Blair has urged America to reach out to the rest of the world in the campaign against terrorism.

In a major foreign affairs speech at London's Guildhall on Monday, the prime minister said Europe and America must not be arrogant about each other.

He wants the United Nations to take a bigger role in ensuring states protect rather than injure their citizens.

Mr Blair said co-operation should be a US aim, adding: "I have no sympathy for unilateralism for its own sake."

'Chance for Europe'

The speech at the Lord Mayor's Banquet focused on ensuring Europe and America work together to foster democracy and human rights.

Mr Blair again appealed for people in Europe not to ridicule American arguments and parody their leadership.

"What is entirely sensible, however, is for Europe to say that terrorism won't be beaten by toughness alone," he said.

I am not - repeat not - advocating a series of military solutions

"Here, if we have the imagination, is an opportunity for Europe. American policy is evolving.

"Increasingly both Europe and America are coming to realise that lasting security against fanatics and terrorists cannot be provided by conventional military force but requires a commitment to democracy, freedom and justice."

The prime minister argued the campaigns for stability in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East rest on democracy.

Helping Africa too depends not only on economic aid and opening up markets but also helping countries achieve good governance.

UN role

Mr Blair continued: "Democracy is the meeting point for Europe and America.

"I am not - repeat not - advocating a series of military solutions to achieve it, but I am saying that patiently but plainly Europe and America should be working together to bring the democratic, human and political rights we take for granted to those part of the world denied them.

"When Kofi Annan reports back to the UN in some weeks time on UN reform, one reform we should insist upon is a greater role of leadership for the UN on the responsibility of states to protect not injure their own citizens.

"None of this, however, will work unless America too reaches out. Multilateralism that works should be its aim. I have no sympathy for unilateralism for its own sake."

The comments came after Mr Blair last week became the first foreign leader to meet President Bush after his re-election.

There will also be a new figure guiding US foreign policy after Secretary of State Colin Powell announced his resignation on Monday.

Watch Tony Blair's speech to the Guildhall in full

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