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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 July, 2004, 09:55 GMT 10:55 UK
Voters head to by-election polls
Ballot box
Polls close at 22.00 BST in both by-elections
Voters in two Midlands constituencies are heading to the polls on Thursday to vote in parliamentary by-elections.

The polls are open in Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill between 0700 and 2200 BST, with results expected between 0030 and 0200 on Friday.

The Leicester by-election was triggered by the death of Labour MP Jim Marshall

In Birmingham, Labour's Terry Davis stepped down to become general secretary of the Council of Europe.

Labour won Birmingham Hodge Hill at the 2001 General Election with a majority of 11,618 or 43.9%

The turnout in the election was 26,465 , or 47.90%.

In Leicester South, Labour's Jim Marshall won the seat with a 13,243 majority in 2001.

The turnout in the election was 42,139, or 57.99%.

It is expected to be overcast but dry in both cities on Thursday.

The full list of candidates for the Birmingham Hodge Hill constituency are as follows:
Birmingham Hodge Hill 2001 results
Davis (Lab) 16,901 (63.86%)
Lewis (C) 5,283 (19.96%)
Dow (LD) 2,147 (8.11%)
Windridge (BNP) 889 (3.36%)
Cridge (Soc Lab) 284 (1.07%)
Vivian (UKIP) 275 (1.04%)
Khan (Muslim) 125 (0.47%)

Liam Dominic Byrne - Labour

Stephen John Arthur Eyre - Conservative

Nicola Sian Davies - Liberal Democrat

James George Hargreaves - Operation Christian Vote Proclaiming Christ's Lordship

John William Rees - Respect Unity Coalition

James William Starkey - National Front Protect Our Children's Future

Mark Kenneth Wheatley - English Democrats Party

The full list of candidates for the Leicester South constituency are as follows:
Leicester South 2001 results
Marshall (Lab) 22,958 (54.48%
Hoile (C) 9,715 (23.05%
Singh Gill (LD) 7,243
Layton (Green) 1,217 (2.89%)
Gardner (Soc Lab) 676 (1.60%
Ladwa (UKIP) 330 (0.78%)

Peter Alfred Soulsby - Labour

Christopher Heaton Harris - Conservative

Parmjit Singh Gill - Liberal Democrats

David Paul Roberts - Socialist Labour Party

Yvonne Anne Ridley - Respect

Jiten Bardwaj - Independent

Alan Gordon Barrett - Independent

Mark Edwin Benson - Independent

Patrick Joseph Kennedy - Independent

Paul Anthony Lord - Independent

RU Seerius - The Official Monster Raving Loony Party

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