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Last Updated: Wednesday, 9 June, 2004, 17:37 GMT 18:37 UK
Greens' final push on the economy
Industrial smoke
Greens want to cut emissions
The Greens are focusing on the economy in the final day of campaigning for the European and local elections.

The party is calling for a Green "industrial revolution" to reduce CO2 emissions, create jobs and stimulate the UK's economy.

It hopes to win at least six European Parliamentary seats in Thursday's polls - up four on its 1999 showing.

The party is also trying to woo Eurosceptics with a pro-reform agenda and making the animal rights case.


It claims the "only viable economy is a Green economy", focusing on high-tech environmental measures to bring about "sustainable prosperity".

Party spokesman Spencer Fitz-Gibbon attacked the "shortsighted" policies of the other parties.

"progressive Green measures - such as a zero-waste strategy - will create 200,000 more UK jobs and help to reduce the effects of climate change."

" If every local council were to adopt our "Smart Energy" strategy, and install solar panels and wind turbines on every suitable building, we would create 50,000 more jobs and 20% less CO2," Dr Fitz-Gibbon said.

At a European level, he claimed the party's "smart energy" measures would cut CO2 emissions by aim for 90% by 2050.

Animal rights

On animal rights, the Greens are also pressing for an animal protection officer for every council The party says it would discourage factory farming, say no to blood sports, animal circuses, fur trading and the trade of exotic pets.

It is utterly wrong that animals should still endure daily pain and exploitation at the hands of humans
Darren Johnson

On Wednesday it was pressing for a raft of measures to improve animal rights both at home and in Europe.

These include calling for an animal protection officer for every council, an end to live exports, a ban on the use of primates in research labs, measures to protect farm animals and an end to imported fur.

The Greens were instrumental in appointing an animal protection officer for the Greater London Authority.

Illegal bush-meat

Darren Johnson, Green candidate for London mayor and party leader on the London Assembly, said: "Greens helped to create this post in London and it has been a real success.

"Now our city has free mobile veterinary services, a clampdown on trade in illegal bush-meats and someone to work with the police to combat wildlife crime.

"It is utterly wrong that animals should still endure daily pain and exploitation at the hands of humans.

"We intend to introduce Green, ethical policies throughout the country and put this avoidable animal suffering in the past where it belongs."

The Greens were also anxious to set out their Eurosceptic credentials.

Alternative home

There has been much focus on the rise in recent opinion polls of the UK Independence Party, which advocates withdrawal from the European Union.

But a Green Party spokeswoman said: "You do not have to vote for a right-wing party like UKIP if you're Eurosceptic.

"Greens also think that the EU should be reformed and believe that there should be much more local democracy and economy.

"Yet unlike UKIP, we actually vote on reform issues in the Euro parliament!"

Anti-war vote battle

The Greens also highlighted their plans to promote "local" shops and food and rejuvenate Britain's high streets.

They promise to fight against out-of-town supermarket plans and help bolster vibrant communities.

The Liberal Democrats have put themselves forward as the only major party which opposed the Iraq war.

But as the Greens contest the anti-war vote, they are accusing the Lib Dems of being "charlatans", quoting Charles Kennedy as saying before the conflict: "We are not the all-out anti-war party."



Blair's big task
Labour leader needs to reassure his MPs after European election disappointment




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