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Profile: Baroness Golding
Baroness Golding
Baroness Golding is the daughter and the widow of Labour MPs
Baroness Golding, who signed the two people behind the purple powder protest into Parliament, was Labour MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme for 15 years.

She stepped down at the 2001 election and was subsequently ennobled.

The daughter of Ness Edwards MP, Lady Golding was married to John Golding a former minister who died in 1999.

The former radiographer is joint chairman of the Middle Way group which backs the statutory regulation of fox hunting.

The House of Commons was suspended during prime minister's question time after the purple powder was thrown at Tony Blair by protesters from a group called Fathers 4 Justice.

Animal rights target

Lady Golding's list of interests include racing and gambling and her recreation is fishing.

In Parliament, where she was elected for her husband's seat after he stood down for a senior role in the union movement, Lady Golding held a series of opposition roles including social security and agriculture and rural affairs.

She also spoke in the Commons on children and families and was an opposition whip.

In March 2001 she was forced to take security precautions after it emerged she was on an animal rights group's target list.

Then still an MP she said it was because of her views on fox hunting.

Her husband died in 1999 aged 67. After leaving parliament his jobs included being general secretary of the National Communications Union.

Animal rights activists target MPs
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