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Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 May, 2004, 12:19 GMT 13:19 UK
Faith school pledge from Gidoomal
Ram Gidoomal
Ram Gidoomal got nearly 100,000 votes in 2000
Pushing for the creation of 130 new faith schools is one of the key pledges of the Christian Peoples Alliance's London mayoral candidate.

Ram Gidoomal launched his manifesto in Canning Town - one of the capital's most deprived neighbourhoods.

His platform for the 10 June elections includes setting up a 500m London regeneration fund to create new jobs and cheap housing.

Mr Gidoomal also proposes a People's Bond to bridge transport funding gaps.

'Parental demand'

Monday's manifesto launch followed the Christian Peoples Alliance's first party election broadcast on television last week.

Unveiling the Passion for London document, Mr Gidoomal said: "My focus is on regeneration of London's inner city districts, the cash chasm in capital investment for transport in London and a return to traditional, Christian values in schooling."

His plans to expand Christian/faith schools is designed to meet a projected rise in population by 2016.

He says the schools will "ensure that self-respect, regard for others and moral values are taught to the next generation and the demand from the parents met for schools which are faith-based".

Drugs drive

The proposed London regeneration fund would be drawn from City institutions and Londoners and aimed at tackling the "scandal of the divide between rich and poor".

Mr Gidoomal says the 2.5bn bond scheme would give every Londoner a share in the Underground.

He is also promising to tackle drug-related crime through a "consistent no tolerance approach".

That would include telling the Metropolitan Police to arrest cannabis users but also new drug and alcohol addiction units in prisons.

Mr Gidoomal came to Britain in 1967 as one of the east African Asians expelled from Kenya.

He went on to become UK group chief executive and vice-chairman of Inlaks, a multi-national niche marketing corporation, but later resigned that post to focus on work in the voluntary sector.

He came fifth in the elections for London mayor in 2000.



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