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Thursday, June 17, 1999 Published at 22:59 GMT 23:59 UK

UK Politics

Your tributes to Lord Sutch

BBC News Online has received many e-mails in response to the death of Screaming Lord Sutch. To send your tribute, click here.

British politics will be the greyer for the loss of David Sutch. I fought the Ribble Valley by-election in 1991 and Lord Sutch entered the race.
He brought a sense of fun and ridicule to what for the rest of the main candidates was cut throat.
In bringing MPs down a peg or 2 he served a useful purpose. He was the original and clearly the best. You felt you hadn't really fought a by-election unless Lord Sutch was on the ballot. MPs of all parties will miss him.
Nigel Evans MP

I met Dave Sutch on many occasions and got to know him quite well as a fan. I well remember one night he played a gig in a pub in North London close to where I was sharing a flat with a friend, and at the end of the night discovered we had no way of getting home other than walking the two miles.
He gave us a lift home, accepted the offer of a cup of tea and spent the next four hours regaling us with tales of his days working with Joe Meek, Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore and assorted other music legends, then finally fell asleep on my sofa at 7am.
We just threw a sleeping bag over him and left him there.
He was a genuine, down to earth chap who helped make politics in the UK fun and I'm sure drew many people into the field who otherwise wouldn't have been interested in the dry, dusty machinations of government.
When I moved to the US in 1996, I found that he is somewhat of a rock & roll legend here through his many off-the-wall recordings, and as my American husband says: "Going to the UK without Screaming Lord Sutch being there will be like going to Disney World and not seeing Mickey Mouse."
I guess that says it all really. A good friend, a fun person and a great rocker who will be sadly missed, not only in the UK but all over the world.
Kim Lowden, Upstate New York

I met Lord Sutch a couple of times - at a By-election at which I was helping another party (not an officially loony one) and at a charity event in Covent Garden.
He was a very friendly bloke who was willing to shake hands and have a chat with anyone, and cheered up everyone he met - except for a few of the more pompous politicians.
The world needs more people who leave you with a broad grin on your face. I fondly recall the T-shirts he used to sell bearing the slogan, "Don't blame me - I voted Loony!"
His sad death takes away one of the reasons to visit that most British of institutions, the Parliamentary By-election.
Jon Ball, Ealing

The nation has lost a uniquely British institution, a man who proved that democracy still exists in this green and pleasant land, it is a sad day for us all.
Jeremy Gist - Callington Town Councillor - Cornwall

A great man, highlighting the pomposity of politicians.
Seriously, surely the extent of depression in our society today needs addressed. This illness is not just a temporary feeling of glumness, it can be a devastating, debilitating condition.
Mental health issues need to be discussed openly and without embarrassment. The condition is much more prevalent and much more serious than is commonly imagined.
David Clark, Southfields, London

The world is diminished. Our politicians need someone like him to keep them honest.
Yours John

Just very sad news. He was a nice man, I met him once. Completely from another planet, and I am sure that is how he would like to be remembered!!!
Dominic Hill, Burnham, Bucks

I am proud to say that I did get to vote Monster Raving Loony on a few occasions, not as many as I would have liked though.
Surely now is the time for him to be posthumously raised to the House of Lords for his services to Parliament and democracy, so he can be laid to rest, and remembered as Lord Screaming Lord Sutch.

Good British nutter!!!!
Ian Macaskill

I never got the chance to vote Monster Raving Loony in an election - part of me always wanted to live somewhere during a by-election just to get that chance.

Surely now, though, this settles the question of what should go on the empty plinth in Tarafalgar Square: a statue of Brtain's greatest ever Lord would really confuse all the tourists.
Nick Barlow, UK

Years ago, in the wilds of West Virginia, I first read about Screaming Lord Sutch and his (Official) Monster Raving Loony Party. I was amused and intrigued - and remain so today.

His Lordship piqued my interest in politics in general and the British parliamentary system in particular.

Lord Sutch was admired around the globe wherever women and men believe in democracy - even when it most disappoints them. Thanks to people like him, filled with life, humour and hope, that dream will never die.

He was truly one of nature's noblemen.

Now, as with the wake of any political giant, the natural question is-who will succeed Britain's longest-serving party leader as the new chief of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party?
Mike Snyder, Seattle, Washington, USA

I was very sad to come into work this morning and see, via the internet, that Screaming Lord Sutch is dead. I loved the man for much of his music, his humour and his thorn in the side political adventures. The Screaming one was truly a man among men.
Andrew R Kereakos

If only more lords were like Lord Sutch, Great Britain would be a finer place.
Devon McArdle

Lord Sutch will be fondly remembered by one and all, I am sure. I had the privilege of performing with him at the pre-election victory party at a Winchester by-election and a thoroughly gorgeous human being he was. Fun-loving, quick-witted, warm, caring and a true rock 'n' roll star. Rock on, David.
Jeff Jenkins, Hampshire

It has been a pleasure and an honour to vote for the only truly honest political leader in British politics. It's a great shame he never got his name on Peter Snow's swingometer.
Matt Moriarty, UK

Few people could feel so deeply banality of the world and defy it in the "proper official way". Now their number has significantly reduced.
Ivan Groznyi, Russia

To run a race to let someone else win is the kindest thing someone can do. He always made sure of that.
Phin Pope

Mad as a hatter! God, we'll miss him. Who's next for the mantle?
Mark Kreissl

Long live Rock & Roll!

A sad loss.
Steve Hadley

To us, as the future generation of voters to believe that politics doesn't have to be stuffed shirts and stiff upper lips, when I was younger I always said I would vote monster raving loony party, unfortunately when my time to vote came I didn't have that option, so I voted for no one.

I will vote again when a political party sets there objectives to what the majority needs and not to do one better than the competing party.

Thank-you for giving me some faith in the politics of this country although now that you are gone it is all one big starched collared cat fight again.
Anna McCulloch, London

It is sad that, although we need more loonies in British Politics, we will never be able to replace this fine example of British eccentricity. It may be that they broke the mould before they made Screaming Lord Sutch, who, had he ever stood in an election in a ward where I lived would certainly have had at least one vote. Perhaps, as a mark of respect to him, all members of both houses of Parliament should, for one day, wear Silver top hats and address each other through megaphones. Better still make it a permanent and compulsory uniform RIP you old loony.
Jeff Dray

Loosing Lord Sutch is no exchange at all for gaining Conrad Black. Dave will be sorely missed.
Richard Hawes, Bristol

How? Many more people must we lose to depression before someone does something.

The loss of yet another life to this terrible illness shows that not enough is being done to help these persons. Lord Such always lightened the day whenever there was an election, he cut through the pomposity of the proceedings and generally made us laugh. Not many people can have that said about themselves.

My sincere condolences to all the family and friends.
Martin Clark, Milpitas California USA


I was sad to hear of the death of Lord Sutch today...

I suppose this spells the end of any element of fun or anything remotely British in British politics.

Anyway, I'm sure I won't be alone in missing him during election night.

My sincere condolences,
Archie Ballantine

SIRS, Lord Sutch was probably the only British "politician" who made any sense in those times. At least he meant what he said. Even if it did not always sound sensible.
Donna Matthews

I am an American living in the state of Maryland. The first time I heard about the Official Monster Raving Looney Party was on a radio report about the British elections a couple of years ago. When I heard that one mainstream party disbanded in humiliation after gaining fewer Parliamentiary seats than the Loonies, I laughed and laughed. And I've been fascinated in them ever since. I hope the party keeps up the work after Sutch's death, and I wish we had a party like that here in the U.S.
Jason Tolbert, Maryland, USA

I was sorry to read about Lord Sutch's untimely death. With elections approaching here in the U.S., are there any plans for a US branch of the Monster Raving Looney Party? We certainly have lots of raving loonies here and could use some organization.
Jonathan Ward

Lord Sutch,

You'll be missed by everyone who believes in free speeech. Thanks for brining "life" to the political scene. May your angel be with you and watch over you forever.
Peter Cawthorne

It's gonna be dark now in British politics, God knows the lights are already out!!

Despite, the joking way he went about it, you can't help but feel that many of his policys did have a serious reason behind them, His death is a loss to the Britain.

PS. Why is there only one Monopolies Commision.
Andrew Olden

I am very saddened to hear of the death of Screaming Lord Sutch. It is a shame the Monster Raving Loonies could not have fielded candidates in the Euro elections - under PR, they might even have been elected. That would have been the greatest possible tribute to him.

As a local politician myself, I have nothing but admiration for him. Given what passes for sanity in politics today, Lord Sutch was the perfect antidote.
Cllr. Greg Stone, Newcastle City Council

After speaking to David only 3 weeks ago (when he sounded happy and excited about a possible trip to Cyprus) I am devastated to hear this tragic news. He was an honest gentleman.
Nathan Morley, Radio Napa, Cyprus

Screaming Lord Sutch Passes from Us
A small tribute to a great character

The late and great Screaming Lord Sutch has passed from us and we are the poorer from his passing. I meet him a couple of times a gigs and festivals. He was very sympathetic to Pagan ideas and he loved the land, as we do. Then he'd pull out a massive funny stick and give a great big poke at the Craft. We'd be rolling about the floor wetting ourselves laughing, and he'd laugh with us.

Lord Sutch made a dull election a wonderful spectacle of colour and fun. He' d take the micky out of everyone and himself. I can remember he once said, "Life is far too serious a matter to take seriously."

To me, he was the true Shaman, although you'd never get him to admit it. "That's far to lofty a title for me," he'd say, "just a lowly Lord of the realm will do."

Sadly, it seems that he decided to leave us voluntarily, by his own hand. I do not know the reasons or the circumstances why he felt so sad, I wish I had. It always seems to me that we never truly know what great spirits we have among us, until they leave us.

We, at the Pagan Way, and I'm sure I speak for some of you, would like to offer our deep and heart felt regret to Lord Sutchs' partner, Yvonne, and his son, Tristan. He'll never be forgotten, nothing is forgotten, his life was the very testament of life at it's very best.

A great Rock'n'Roller has died!

Not only was he colourful character in British politics, but he was a pioneer in making a rock'n' roll gig into an experience of sound and vision in the early sixties.

A great performer who will be sadly missed!
Clive Frost, an English fan in Texas

Lord Sutch was the Princess Diana of politics. He brought a smile and a laugh to an otherwise dull business. I will miss him greatly.
Lucy Twitchin, UK

You'll be missed as you brought a human face and honest quality to the sorid British political scene.
Peter Bartlett

One of Lord Sutch's greatest achievements which has not been mentioned in the BBC pages was when he obtained over one thousand votes for the first time, at the Rotherham bi-election of 1994, where he only narrowly missed out on retaining his deposit. Lord Sutch offered to bring the Channel tunnel to Rotherham, and to have the Rother Valley lake filled with wine. Given his superb showing in this election he declared Rotherham the Offical Loony Capital of the world. I along with many many people in Rotherham will miss him deeply. He had convictions. He had principles. Sadly our local council seem to have neither. What an honest bloke Lord Sutch was. May he rest in peace.
Gregory White, Rotherham

One of England's great eccentrics. I will be amongst the many who will miss him.
Madge Tierney, Cambridge

Weary of politicians worldwide, I am so sorry at the loss. I hope the reports of hanging are somehow incorrect - what a state of mind required to do that. He will be sorely missed - all the other grey suits male and female cannot compensate for character and style.
Mary Williams

Such a tragedy! Where will UK politics be without this charismatic nutter? Truly a dark day for politics and I think that people across the broad spectrum of our wonderful society will miss him. Let's be honest, he was much more interesting than most of our "proper politicians" (whatever that means!) and just think, exactly what would things have been like if he HAD got in?? Sadly, now we'll never know. RIP Dave, and give 'em some lunacy up there for us!
Dave Strong, UK

Mostly when I hear the news I have an opinion about it and absorb the facts within that framework. Rarely do I feel saddened. Today when I heard the news I was close to tears. That someone so dedicated to the worthiness of his effort, is defeated so painfully by life seemed so unjust.

His loss is significant to the British public and to the right of all our people to make a stand on what they believe. My only resentment in all this is that he was forced out of formal political representation by finances not integrity. His presence will be missed throughout every election night onwards in my lifetime.

My sympathies go to all those close to him.
Ann Foster

I knew Dave in 1970 in connection with rock 'n' roll music, I haven't seen him since I left the country in 1971 but I am so sorry he's gone, it's very hard to believe. My condolences to family and friends.

Regards, John

He certainly brightened up politics, his death is a great shame.
Vickki Bradfield, Milton Keynes

We have lost the only loony in politics with the sanity to admit it. England at eletion time will be a greyer place. RIP.
Andy Williams, Suffolk

He was a unique individual, not afraid to express his views, and was a step away from the traditional suit and tie image of politics. His ability to relate to people, and sense of humour, and fun, will be greatly missed by everyone I am sure.
Robin Cook

Will miss looking for you on the platform at elections, you always seemed to get a prominent position and shook the winners hand first.

You will always be thought of with affection and gratitude for the way you influenced British politics and made us laugh at it as well. You will be sadly missed.
MR Harrington

Politics will be even greyer from today.
Peter George

At lest this man stood up for what he believed, unlike the present leader of government, Also a better dress sense. He will be missed on election nights.
Paul Russell

What a wonderful, wonderful mutant you were. God bless, I'll always remember you with gladness for your having walked amongst us. In a world now ready to embrace "Austin Powers", you truly were the real thing. You made it OK to be comprehensively insane.
Jim Kaelin

He was that most rare thing, an honest politician. We will not see his like again.
Stewart C Russell, Glasgow, Scotland

Hey Lord, among the screamers of the world you've been the first I've took notice of when I was very young. So I send a warm boodbye to you & hope you are well where you are.
Raimund Schlie

Always had to watch how he got on in the elections and always hoped he'd get a seat. The fun's all gone out of it now. He will be sorely missed. Here's to screaming Lord Sutch.
Steve Francis

The best Prime Minister we never had?
Stephen Butler

Your official and unofficial monster raving looniness will continue in political circles for ever. RIP.
B Smith

Such a colourful man will be missed by many people and politicians.
Robin Bailey

Lord Sutch was a reminder to everyone that we were never meant to take ourselves so seriously. A true crusader who cut through political constipation with his own wickedly funny enema.
Deborah de Jonge

He was a great great character and it was a loss to the British public that he never won a seat in the House of Commons.
Siobhan Dwyer (Exchange student)

He brought the fun back into politics.... Cheers!
Nick Keep

In what is a sad day for British politics, let us not forget the fun Screaming Lord Sutch brought to the world of back stabbing and back handers. A true gent with integrity, honour and humour, he will be greatly missed but never forgotten.
Matt Snowden, Sunderland

A sad loss. As well as bringing a breath of fresh air to politics, his appearance at elections was an unofficial barometer that showed we live in a genuine democracy.

Lord Sutch, in his fun, flamboyant way, actually reinforced important lessons from history, that we need not take any politician seriously (certainly not at face value), and that any political party can, without warning, behave like raving loonies.
Colin Barley

I met Lord Sutch in person at a charity appearance in a Red Cross shop by pure chance in South Harrow this May. He talked enthusiastically about Radio Sutch when I expressed an interest in the subject. He said that even when he boarded the forts in the sixties the walkways that joined them together were very rickety and it took courage to walk along them.

He also told me that he had been back to the forts recently and that they were very rusty. I commented that I had no musical ability and he modestly replied that neither did he, all he could do was sing. I am sorry to learn about his problems with depression. I feel privileged to have met and talked with such a colourful personality, but honoured that he took time to listen and converse. I admire his lengthy political stand. His stage and political dress may have looked eccentric but underneath all that was a really considerate person.
Keith Knight, Ruislip, Middx.

If there was one man who truly represented the democratic freedoms of this country, it was Lord Sutch, with his very unique style.

He brought diversity and, above all, FUN into politics. It is so sad to hear of his death when he had so much more to give. By-elections will simply never be the same again.
Tim Roll-Pickering, United Kingdom

A ripple of madness in a pool of sanity. The Python of Politics will be greatly missed.
Darren Parry

Next time I'm in the pub at lunch time I'll raise a toast.

I met him, briefly, at a local pub during a Monster Raving Loony election evening. He was just walking around meeting people and I had a quick word with him. A nice, fun loving bloke ... his death is a real loss.
Will Carpenter, Stafford

I was shocked to hear about his death - being a rock'n'roller at heart, I will never forget his contribution to rock'n'roll music.

I will always remember him for bringing unconventionality and fun into both music and the English political landscape. My sincere sympathy goes out to his partner and son.
Klaus Petzel

Farewell with sorrow to one of the last men in English politics with a sense of true integrity and honour.
Simon Prichard

A great character - politics and the news will not be the same without him.
Geoff Mullen

To hear the news that you have died is very sad,
Your unique humour and warm heart will be missed;
For politicians are too serious and often bad,
And you gave their noses a well deserved twist!

Seeing you at the elections each time votes were cast,
Highlighted the foolishness of humankind;
And now you have gone and your days are past,
I hope that the peace you needed you will find.

Thank you for enriching our lives, giving us humour, and for being who you were and still are. Thankyou for sharing your spirit with us.
Alan Venamore, former resident of Sussex

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