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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 May, 2004, 18:30 GMT 19:30 UK
UKIP launches London mayoral bid
Frank Maloney
Maloney wants to make London safer
The UK Independence Party's candidate for London mayor says he will use his sporting background to get young people off the streets.

Boxing promoter Frank Maloney says encouraging involvement in competitive activities is character building and will stop youths hanging out in gangs.

Launching his campaign for the 10 June polls, Mr Maloney said he would license brothels to cut down on street walking.

He would boost police numbers, but abolish community support officers.

Playing fields

He has also produced a 10-point plan to help disabled people in London, with demands for bus access, lifts at Underground stations and increased home care provision.

Mr Maloney, who helped guide Lennox Lewis to the world heavyweight championship, says he would stop school playing fields being sold off and repair sports facilities across the city.

I believe my sporting background can help young people, especially from poorer backgrounds
Frank Maloney

He would update all youth centres in London and provide them with more sporting equipment.

He would also work with schools to ensure children or gangs who bully "are punished for making other children's lives a misery".

Mr Maloney said sport makes young people more productive.

'Proper policing'

"I believe my sporting background can help young people, especially from poorer backgrounds," he said.

"If we don't do something, our young will become the criminals of the future."

Mr Maloney said he would like to see police numbers rise to 40,000 in London, but believes the 1,500 community support officers "are a poor substitute to proper police officers" and should be abolished.

"There is no reason why the normal police cannot work in the community," he said. "Getting rid of these so-called community officers will save 30m for proper policing."

Gun crime

He said giving licenses to brothels would "take the prostitutes off our street corners and residential areas making the streets safer for our children.

"It will also raise money for the capital, help tackle the sex slave trade and provide protection for women," he said.

Mr Maloney would also cooperate with the government and anti-gun campaigns to take guns off the streets.

Lucy Cope, from Mothers Against Crime, joined the UKIP mayoral launch at Millwall Football Club, to add her support for the boxing manager.



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