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Last Updated: Friday, 14 May, 2004, 09:59 GMT 10:59 UK
Respect party campaigns in London
Anti-war protesters in London
The Iraq war is still an issue for Londoners, says Lindsey German
An anti-war coalition has launched its London mayoral election campaign claiming the invasion of Iraq has made the capital a target for terrorism.

Respect, formed by MP George Galloway after his expulsion from Labour for his comments on Iraq, says the war has taken too much money away from London.

Mayoral candidate Lindsey German argues Iraq is still an issue for Londoners.

She is also calling for a flat 1 Tube fare, guards on the Underground and conductors on buses.

'Two tier system'

Ms German, who represented the Stop the War coalition, said: "Obviously we are standing against the war and the occupation of Iraq, which I think is an issue for London as well as nationally.

"Money has been spent on this war which could have been spent on much more useful things.

MP George Galloway
Galloway is standing for the European Parliament in London
"It has made London a more dangerous place and a target for terrorism."

The party is also calling for investment in new and existing Tube lines and the rail network.

"We would like to see a 1 Tube fare - we don't believe it's right that we have a two-tier system whereby people are priced off the tube and on to the buses," said Ms German.

"We also want conductors on buses and guards on Tubes and trains for issues of safety and comfort for people."

Ethnic diversity

The party would address the "housing crisis" with low cost housing for everyone who needs it in London.

"Making London safer isn't just about putting more police on the streets," said Ms German.

"The fact is we don't have staff at stations, on transport, caretakers on estates and good street lighting which is more effective than CCTV."

Ms German, one of only two female London mayoral candidates, said the party was one of the most representative of the community it wants to serve, with four out of 10 of its London Assembly candidates aged 25 or under.

Not only does it also claim to be ethnically diverse, it has "pensioners standing and lots of women".

Respect is fielding 11 candidates for the Greater London Authority on 10 June and 14 in the GLA constituencies. It is to fight all European constituencies in England and Wales, with Mr Galloway standing in London.

But a lack of cash has prevented it from offering a full list of candidates for all local elections.



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