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Last Updated: Sunday, 3 October, 2004, 16:14 GMT 17:14 UK
Norris' tips for the top
Steve Norris
Mr Norris gives his take on up and coming Tories
Former minister and twice Conservative candidate for mayor of London Steve Norris, is one of the party's best-known and most forthright figures.

Here are his view on the rising talent in the Tory Party and who he thinks are the ones to watch.

Michael Howard is 63. That simple fact suggests that whatever the outcome of next year's general election by the time the next one comes round he will not be far off 70.

In China that might make him the right age to be a junior minister but in this country it is likely that we will be looking at the next generation of Conservatives to counter the challenge from both New Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Fortunately for the Tories there is some real talent on the opposition benches these days among the 2001 intake.

Some of the names are already beginning to emerge and what unites the best is that they all occupy rock-solid, safe Tory seats.

Witney MP David Cameron had seven years at broadcaster Carlton, in charge of corporate affairs, and is already a member of the shadow cabinet in overall charge of policy co-ordination.

David Cameron
Norris says Cameron is a 'toff'
Tall, affable and extremely clever he is certainly one to watch.

His only handicap may be that he is undeniably a toff. Eton and Brasenose have left their mark.

The new shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, George Osborne, who inherited Neil Hamilton's old Tatton seat from the reluctant Martin Bell at the last election to become the youngest Conservative MP is certainly rich.

His family are the Osborne and Little wallpaper people. He worked for Major and Hague in government and opposition and knows how the system works.

George Osbourne
Norris describes Osbourne as 'rich'
He is articulate, perceptive and extremely well connected.

Forty two-year-old Chris Grayling, Epsom and Ewell MP, is a personal favourite.

The Cambridge-educated former BBC producer has the daunting job of shadow minister for public services, health and education.

He is a quietly unassuming star of the current parliament.

The shadow minister for disabled people, Wycombe MP Paul Goodman was a novice monk before he became a journalist, comment writer for The Telegraph, and then an MP.

Jonathan Djanogly
Mr Djanogly took over from John Major in Huntingdon
Need I say more? He is able, amusing and ambitious.

Finally watch out for Huntingdon's Jonathan Djanogly.

Older than he looks, enormously hard-working and focused, the former solicitor, who surprised many when he won John Major's old seat, is now shadow solicitor general. He will go much higher without any doubt.


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