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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 September, 2004, 15:05 GMT 16:05 UK
At-a-glance: Labour conference
Here are some of the highlights from each day of the Labour conference in Brighton.

  • Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon help the leadership survive a vote on whether Tony Blair should set an early date for pulling troops out of Iraq by an 86% to 14% margin.

  • Labour would make the House of Lords more democratic soon after being re-elected, says Lord Falconer.

  • Britain will back calls for an international treaty on small arms control, pledges the foreign secretary.

  • Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott warns delegates against complacency and disunity in the run-up to the next election.



  • Tony Blair says he is sorry information on Iraq's weapons was wrong, but that he cannot apologise for removing Saddam Hussein from power

    If you are sick of London you are sick of life. If you are sick of Berkshire, you've been there more than 10 minutes
    Comedian Arthur Smith at a Countryside Agency fringe event

  • Thousands of hunt protesters demonstrate against plans to ban hunting with hounds. A dead horse and two dead calves are found near the demonstration.

  • Northern Ireland secretary Paul Murphy collapses at the Brighton conference centre and is taken to hospital. He is later discharged


  • Gordon Brown tries to rally the troops with a barnstorming speech on how Labour should fight the next election on its economic achievements. Moments later Alan Milburn says "screaming" about successes is not to right way to campaign

  • Pensions minister Alan Johnson says the state retirement age will remain at 65 but suggests those who work longer could be rewarded in their state pension

  • Former Labour leader Neil Kinnock reluctantly concedes George Bush will probably win the US presidential election

    I hope after I have been shunted off to Brussels, people will remember their forgotten hero
    Peter Mandelson

  • Jack Straw urges his party not to have one of its "periodic panic attacks" but warns against complacency at the next General Election

  • The Labour conference calls for the railways to be re-nationalised despite the party leadership's attempt to rule it out


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