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Last Updated: Sunday, 9 May, 2004, 09:57 GMT 10:57 UK
Kilroy predicts EU disintegration
Robert Kilroy-Silk
The Kilroy show was axed after his comments about Arab nations
Ex-BBC chat show host Robert Kilroy-Silk has said Britain needs to pull out of the EU before it disintegrates.

The former Labour MP is standing in the Euro elections for the UK Independence Party in the East Midlands region.

He quit his daily chat show in January after making comments in a newspaper describing Arabs as "limb amputators".

He told the BBC's Breakfast with Frost Britain should leave the "corrupt, bureaucratic, dictatorial" EU before it got so big it imploded.

Mr Kilroy-Silk represented the Merseyside constituency of Knowsley for 12 years from 1974.

On Sunday, in his first interview since his candidature as an MEP was announced, he said he had always remained a political animal during his television career and viewed Europe as the most fundamental issue.

It is only a question of we come out now in a civilised way or whether the EU actually disintegrates because of the pressures
Robert Kilroy-Silk
"I want to be governed by my own people," he said, backing UKIP's calls for Britain to withdraw from the EU.

He continued: "It is only a question of we come out now in a civilised way or whether it actually disintegrates because of the pressures."

The Kilroy programme ran on daytime television for years but was suspended in January after the column in the Sunday Express newspaper.

Its presenter said the show had been axed "because I was telling the truth about oppressive Arab regimes and the BBC is dominated by political correctness".

"Kilroy is back, competing to be the most anti-European act in town on top of his other prejudices"
Phillip Whitehead

Mr Kilroy-Silk was Labour MP for Ormskirk from 1974, and continued to represent the area when the seat became Knowsley North in 1983 before quitting to pursue his television career.

During that time in Parliament he served as a home affairs spokesman on Neil Kinnock's front bench.

Of his return to politics, Labour MEP Phillip Whitehead said: "Robert Kilroy-Silk was once an MP, and the self-styled next prime minister but three.

"He left that for the TV limelight until his crass views forced his removal from the screen.

"Now he is back, competing to be the most anti-European act in town on top of his other prejudices."

Mr Whitehead added: "The lights still flicker, but no one is watching Kilroy now."



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