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Write Tony Blair's speech
Tony Blair at the 2003 conference
Mr Blair is due to address delegates on Tuesday

The party leader's speech at conference is one of the key moments in the political calendar.

But what should Tony Blair tell Labour's annual gathering in Brighton on Tuesday?

Here is a selection of your suggestions:

My Fellow Americans! A wave of spineless creatures has been beached on the coast of this country as you meet here in Brighton to kneel before me this week. It is time to put the war in Iraq behind us, for ahead of us lies a new challenge. Sea creatures are attacking us. Within only 45 minutes, they can unleash Weapons of Mass Destruction. Colin Powell told me so, and he is never wrong. So we are going to war with the sea. Here at Brighton, I, Tony Blair, will sit in my throne on the beach, and defy the tide to come in, as the great King Canute once did before me. A Coalition Of The Willing will take on those jellyfish - for the sake of our country. Our heritage. Our children (sniff). We will fight them on the beaches! God Bless America!
Neil McGowan, Brit living in Moscow

Good day. We- New Labour- are currently marching to the tune of beating drums. These are not the drums of war or of popularity; these drums are beating, marching us into the precipice of electoral irrelevance. But we can re-capture our relevance. We are a party of change, a party for a proud, confident, prosperous Britain; a party destined to long lead this great country into her bright and successful future. We can deliver for Britain. We can deliver a sustainable economy; we can deliver a refined, robust health system; we can deliver a globally competitive education system; and we can deliver, through closer trans-Atlantic ties, and increasing influence and relevance in Europe, a Britain- strong and respected- in this darken'd wilderness of world politics. And Mr Poll Tax? He can deliver my newspapers care of Number 10!
Chequers, Great Britain

I would like to apologise to everyone for the Iraq war. I now realise exactly how much I have let the party, the country and the Iraqi people down by pursuing this issue in the way I have. I take full personal responsibility for the UK's role in this affair and the shoddy way I misled everyone over it. Consequently I will be dissolving our occupation of Iraq with immediate effect, following which I will resign as prime minister to make way for a new leader whom I hope will be less arrogant, more honest and a better listener than me. Thank you.
Richard Cooper, UK

I apologise to the people of this country for lying about Iraq and resign forthwith.
Jonathan, London

This has been a wonderful year for the Labour Party, for Britain and for the world. At home the economy has never been better, unemployment is at an all time low, the health service report that there are no longer any waiting lists and crime is a thing of the past. Abroad, we have found and destroyed Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and brought peace and prosperity to that country as well as Afghanistan. Oil prices are down and we have solved the global warming problem. Er, those were the jokes. You should all be laughing.
M G Hope, Italy

I did what I thought was right but I screwed up. I'm sorry. I'm resigning.
bma, UK

The last century was one for freedom. And this century hangs in the balance. For what this century stands for depends on the nations of the world. How nations mould history depends on how people choose. The worlds greatest institution - democracy, gives you this role. It's a shame we live in times when terrorism has become a catch word. Either the leading nations of the world can sit back and watch humanity destroy itself, or we can try and lead to bring peace, prosperity, and unity to all. After all, its one world with one aim.
Furkan Ali, England

It's been a great ride, but I've decided to move into another occupation that requires someone with my skills, I'm to stand down and become a life coach. My ability to talk nonsense and flatter talent less idiots are exactly the qualifications required for life coaching, so long and chill.
Angus Gow, UK

I made a big mistake regarding the invasion of Iraq. I was totally wrong. I will no longer ingratiate myself to George W. Bush at every opportunity, when instead I should be fulfilling my role as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I was too cowardly to stand up to him. I resign, with humility.
Mark H, London, England

Britain has a choice. Britain can vote in six months time for a Liberal Democrat party, which has argued disgracefully in the past that Britain should say "not in my name" to the worlds problems, a Conservative party that doesn't no what it believes ,or a Labour party that will fight for justice for those oppressed around the world. We cannot sit back and say "not in my name," while innocent people die around the world because of evil dictators such as Saddam Hussein. It is the Liberal Democrat party that will have to live in shame because IT would have left Saddam in power. Labour removed him, and will never stand by and say "not in my name" as the Lib Dems did, while innocent people in Iraq died because of Saddam Hussein's government.
Adam Ross, UK

Hello everyone, It seems that people think I have a problem with apologising. Now that clearly isn't the case. Now I could say I'm sorry I allowed the US president to coerce me into a war. I could apologise for allowing Dr. David Kelly's name to be made public. I could say I'm sorry I didn't bother to research the difference between battlefield weapons and "WMD". I could ask forgiveness for letting my ministers lie about immigration problems. I could apologise to all the students I didn't listen to, or the elderly who cannot get a hospital bed or the people plagued by anti-social youths and binge drinkers. But the truth is I'm not sorry, and I sleep soundly at night (which has nothing to do with having a policeman outside my door all night I'm sure). Now hurry up and collect your new ID cards so we can begin putting up checkpoints, restricting travel and "re-educating" those who do not like my policies. Thank you. [Cue round of applause and dirty looks from Gordon Brown]
Barney, UK

I am sorry about Iraq. I am sorry that the intelligence was wrong. I am sorry that people have died as a result of my mistakes. I am sorry that taxes are so high and public services are so poor. Yet somehow - in the midst of all this - I found time to ban hunting. As you can see - I have my priorities right.
John Winfield, United Kingdom

I have not let you down, I have backed my decisions up to the hilt. I have stood firm when my opponents have doubted me, I have done you all proud. I can be relied on to take tough decisions and stick by them. I wont buckle under pressure from the media. But if my wife says I need an early night, I will listen to her.
Carl, Herts, UK

Anyone fancy a pint?
Nathan Hamer, Wales


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