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Last Updated: Friday, 17 September, 2004, 09:16 GMT 10:16 UK
Commons invader denies inside job
One of five protesters in the Commons chamber
A protester confronts MPs after invading the Commons
One of the hunt supporters who invaded the House of Commons has denied the group were aided by an insider.

David Redvers, 34, was one of eight men arrested after Wednesday's protest, although he was not one of the five who managed to enter the Commons chamber.

Mr Redvers, of Gloucestershire, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that security had been "risible". All eight men have now been released on bail.

Commons leader Peter Hain told Today he was sure they had "inside knowledge".

The men had been detained on suspicion of burglary with intent to commit criminal damage, uttering a forged document and violent disorder.

Among those held were Otis Ferry, 21, from Shropshire, the son of rock star Bryan Ferry, and England polo player Luke Tomlinson, 27, from Gloucestershire.

'Frighteningly simple'

Mr Redvers, from Hartpury, said: "I am quite certain none of us have ever been in trouble with the law. I don't want to see the inside of a police cell again.

"We just wanted to make a point and make it as strong as we could, but [the plan] was put together literally on the back of an envelope 24 hours before."

He avoided revealing precise details of how the protesters had entered the Commons, saying: "That will all come out but it was frighteningly simple."

Mr Redvers said that he was one of three protesters stopped just outside the chamber of the Commons.

He added that the group had "absolutely not" had assistance from an insider.

But Commons leader Peter Hain told Today: "I do not accept that there was not inside knowledge.

"The truth is that they had a great deal of expert knowledge of the labyrinth that the House of Commons is to strangers. Somebody knew exactly what they were doing.

"But we will wait for the police inquiry."

The Countryside Alliance named the other protesters as John Holliday, a huntsman from Ledbury; Robert Thame, a polo player and Bicester hunt member; Andrew Elliot, an auctioneer from Ledbury; chef Nick Wood and point-to-point jockey Richard Wakeham, from Yorkshire.

The men are aged between 21 and 42.

1: Eight protesters come through public entrance, dressed as builders, carrying a forged letter inviting them to a meeting
2: They go upstairs to Committee Corridor where building work is taking place
3: The protesters somehow pass through a door which has a swipe card lock and head downstairs
4: Four protesters enter chamber from 'No' voting lobby, three are detained outside the door
5: Another one comes in via main chamber entrance

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