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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 April, 2004, 20:11 GMT 21:11 UK
Voters 'let down by Labour'
Tory campaign
The Tories unveil their latest campaign
Michael Howard has used his party's latest glossy advertising launch to attack Labour's record since 1997.

The Tory leader said people had been "let down by Labour" on the five key issues featured in Tony Blair's first general election pledges.

The five posters parody Labour pledges on tax and spend, health, education, youth employment, and crime.

The launch comes ahead of the official start of the Tories' campaign for June's local and European elections.

'Let down'

The Tory leader said he had toured the country extensively, speaking to voters, since taking on the job five months ago.

"Over and over again they have said one thing to me," he said. "They feel let down, they feel let down by Labour."

Tory campaign
Mr Howard parodies Labour pledges
"Britain is a great country with hardworking, creative and tolerant people. But we could and should be doing very much better."

In a deliberate echo of Labour's 1997 launch, which targeted the then-Conservative government's record on five key areas, five posters spelt out Mr Howard's message of Labour failing to live up to its promises.

The messages of the posters parodied the Labour pledges on the same topics - tax and spend, health, education, youth employment, and crime.


The posters listed statistics to illustrate Labour's record: 1m children played truant last year; 66 tax rises; 1m young people not in work, education or training; 1m people still on NHS waiting lists; 1m violent crimes last year.

Mr Howard, MP for Folkestone and Hythe, said the posters "articulate the frustration and anger of the British people".

But Labour chairman Ian McCartney said the Conservatives' record in government was one of recession and spending cuts.

He said: "Dodgy figures from the Tories cannot hide the real choice for the future facing the British people - Labour's plans to continue improving public services with more investment and reform or the Tories' commitment to cuts, charges and privatisation."

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