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Last Updated: Thursday, 16 September, 2004, 12:21 GMT 13:21 UK
Profiles of Commons protesters
Eight pro-hunt protesters breached security in the House of Commons on Wednesday and caused outrage when five of them reached the floor of the House of Commons and halted the debate on proposals to ban fox hunting.

BBC News Online profiles the eight, who were all arrested following the incident.

Otis Ferry :: Master of the hunt in south Shropshire

Otis Ferry pictured at a demonstration outside Tony Blair's house in Durham on 10 September
Mr Ferry is a seasoned protester

The 21-year-old is the son of 1970s pop star Bryan Ferry.

He gave up his public school education at the age of 16 to indulge his passion for countryside sports.

From school he joined the Middleton hunt in Yorkshire, before becoming the country's youngest master of the hunt in May this year.

A seasoned protester, Mr Ferry has demonstrated several times outside Tony Blair's constituency home in County Durham - most recently on 10 September this year.

Luke Tomlinson :: Polo player from Gloucestershire

Eton-educated Luke Tomlinson, 27, has represented England at polo and is reported to be good friends with princes William and Harry.

His family are close to Prince Charles and live near to the prince's Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire.

Mr Tomlinson's mother and father, Claire and Simon, run Beaufort Polo Club where the royals frequently play.

Valerie Maidment, whose husband Nigel is secretary of Gloucestershire's Beaufort Hunt, said Luke Tomlinson was a committed professional polo player.

She said: "He is an extremely nice young man. He works hard and plays hard."

David Redvers :: Stud farm owner from Gloucestershire

Mr Redvers, 34, is married to Laura Montgomery whose father is a baronet.

The father-of-one owns a stud farm at Hartpury in Severn Vale, near Gloucester.

After his arrest, his wife said: "A lot of people feel passionately about hunting but not many have the guts to do what David did."

The couple run racehorse syndicates and have raced horses at Royal Ascot and Newmarket.

John Holliday :: Huntsman from Ledbury in Herefordshire

John Holliday is a professional huntsman who lives in a bungalow near to Ledbury kennels.

John Holliday pictured in full riding gear
Mr Holliday is a keen huntsman
He is divorced with two sons and is a member of the Countryside Action Network.

Nicky Driver, a friend of Mr Holliday, claimed he will lose his job and his home if hunting is banned.

She said: "You can't blame someone like John for fighting for his family.

"For someone like John, [hunting] is his entire life."

Richard Wakeham :: Chartered surveyor from York

Amateur jockey Richard Wakeham is a chartered surveyor and insurer who lives in York.

In his early thirties, he hunts with the Middleton hunt in Yorkshire.

His father, Antony Wakeham, said he backed his son's actions.

He told BBC Radio 4 Today Programme: "I absolutely support him. The people in the countryside have got no option now."

Mr Wakeham said he hoped his son would take any punishment with the same courage he showed on Wednesday.

Andrew Elliot :: Auctioneer from Hertfordshire

Andrew Elliot, in his forties, is also believed to ride with the Ledbury hunt.

He is an auctioneer at Brightwells, which helps in the sale of agricultural equipment and property.

Robert Thame :: Polo player from Oxfordshire

Robert Thame hunts with the Bicester and Whaddon Chase Hunt in Oxfordshire.

He is reported to be a professional polo player in his mid-thirties.

Nick Wood

Nick Wood is believed to be a chef in his early forties.

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