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Last Updated: Monday, 15 March, 2004, 20:13 GMT
Britain's new party goes online
Your Party founders
Your Party's founders have a dotcom background
Britain's new political party has gone online and says it plans to field candidates at June's European polls.

Your Party aims to break the mould of British politics by being the first party "directly controlled by the citizens".

The idea is to canvass ideas from hundreds of online "participants", before formulating a set of policies.

The party has yet to get a leader but is the brainchild of four dotcom entrepreneurs.

They include Dan Thompson, best known for helping to establish 365 Corporation, a network of music and football fan sites.

He is joined by his former 365 colleagues Rod McLaren and Simon Morris, and Liz Morris, who has also worked in marketing.

Clearly we are aware we do not want people who represent some extreme views of some other movements and do not actually share the values of our party
Dan Thompson
The party aims to be non-adversarial and non-ideological.

Mr Thompson said: "Election turnouts may be falling but it's not as if people stopped caring about political issues.

"Huge numbers of ordinary people are going on marches, joining organisations and taking local action on causes they care about."

The new party aims to sign up some of those people and says many people have already applied to be candidates.

Those applications will be weeded down so that serious candidates are put to a vote of the membership.

"Clearly we are aware we do not want people who represent some extreme views of some other movements and do not actually share the values of our party," said Mr Thompson.

Core values

Your Party has yet to decide now many candidates it will field in the European elections, or whether it will push for places on the Greater London Assembly.

Mr Thompson told BBC News Online the party had yet to choose its policies and its stance was neither pro- or anti-European Union.

But the initial members had drawn up four key values for its European election platform - honesty, transparency, democratic legitimacy and being effective.

Mr Thompson said he and other donors were prepared to underwrite the party's costs, although much of the workload was being carried out by volunteers.

24 hour party people
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