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Last Updated: Thursday, 27 November, 2003, 16:32 GMT
Blair 'fine' after health check
Tony Blair
Mr Blair chaired the weekly Cabinet meeting
Doctors have given Tony Blair the all clear following a second health check after he suffered stomach pains.

Downing Street said the prime minister was "fine" after the check-up on Thursday.

Mr Blair complained of stomach pain on Wednesday hours after the Queen's Speech was outlined.

The 50-year-old prime minister, who suffered a heart scare last month, chaired the weekly cabinet meeting as usual on Thursday morning.

His official spokesman said Mr Blair was taken unwell inside Number 10 between 6pm and 7pm GMT on Wednesday.

The prime minister was experiencing stomach pain, saw a doctor and he's feeling fine
Mr Blair's official spokesman

Asked by reporters how the prime minister was now, the spokesman said on Thursday: "He's fine.

"He wasn't feeling great yesterday evening and so he saw doctors and the problem appeared to pass pretty quickly.

"He was feeling fine later yesterday evening and was working on his speech [to be delivered] tomorrow."

Mr Blair received no treatment, but the spokesman said: "The GP came and he thought it would be useful to have another opinion."

Heart problem

Doctors visited Mr Blair on Thursday morning for the second check.

The health scare comes just weeks after Mr Blair received hospital treatment for an irregular heartbeat.

He had the well known heart scare recently, but I'd describe him as somebody on top of his game
Alastair Campbell

Then he was taken to London's Hammersmith Hospital after complaining of chest pains at his Chequers residence and first going to Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Doctors diagnosed supra ventricular tachycardia - a condition which causes heartbeat irregularities and shortness of breath - and ordered the father-of-four to rest for a day.

He was kept in hospital for nearly five hours, was sedated for 20 minutes and treated with a procedure called cardio version, which uses a small electric shock to make the heartbeat return to normal.

Privacy plea

On Thursday Mr Blair was up at 0800 GMT for the Cabinet meeting, had a meeting with Commonwealth Secretary General Don McKinnon before heading to Wales for a series of engagements later in the day.

When pressed about Mr Blair's condition, his spokesman said: "The prime minister was experiencing stomach pain, saw a doctor and he's feeling fine.

"Whatever it was did not require any treatment and the prime minister is perfectly fine, getting on with his job."

But the spokesman insisted the prime minister was entitled to some privacy.

"We have to acknowledge that there's a difference between the prime minister being admitted to hospital and the privacy that an individual is entitled to in terms of when they see a doctor," he said.

The prime minister's fine and up and about, carrying on with his duties
Prime minister's spokesman
"The prime minister's fine and up and about, carrying on with his duties."

The spokesman said he knew of no special medical arrangements planned for when Mr Blair travels to Nigeria for next week's Commonwealth summit.

In an interview to mark his 50th birthday earlier this year, Mr Blair described himself as weighing just under 13 stone - less than a decade ago.

His elderly father Leo suffered a second stroke two years ago - he was 39 at the time of his first and took three years to recover his speech.

The BBC's Laura Trevelyan
"Mr Blair began to feel unwell, he had stomach pains"

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