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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 November, 2003, 16:19 GMT
At-a-glance: Queen's Speech bills
Here is the full list of 23 bills and seven draft bills included in the 2003 Queen's Speech.

  • Armed Forces Pensions Compensation Bill

    Downing Street says the bill will "update" the pensions arrangements for the armed services bringing them into the modern world.

    Pensions will remain non-contributory and the amount payable will remain linked to final salary.

    It will also provide for death in service benefits to be extended to all unmarried partners provided the relationship is a "substantial arrangement".

  • Child Trust Fund Bill

    Every newborn baby will have a trust fund set up that will receive a 250 contribution from the state.

    In addition children will receive a cash sum from the government on their seventh birthday.

  • Children's Bill

    Children will be given their own independent "champion" among new measures to boost child protection.

  • Civil Contingencies Bill

    Police and ministers are to get new powers to deal with terror incidents and other emergencies.

  • Civil Partnership Bill

    The Civil Partnership Bill would enable same sex "civil partners" to sign a document entitling them to the same legal rights as married couples.

  • Companies (Audit, Investigations and Community Enterprise) Bill

    The government wants to introduce tough new laws aimed at preventing Enron-style corporate abuses in the UK.

  • Constitutional Reform Bill

    The historic position of Lord Chancellor will be abolished and the House of Lords will be replaced as the highest court in the land by a supreme court.

  • Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Bill

    Under the plans, police will get new powers to deal with offenders.

    And the civil laws on intimidation will be extended to cover same sex partners, unmarried couples and those who have never lived together.

  • Employment Relations Bill

    This bill includes a number of measures aimed at improving the rights of workers and offering better protection against unfair dismissal.

  • Energy Bill

    Includes plans to set up a Nuclear Decommissioning Authority which will be responsible for cleaning up Britain's nuclear installations.

  • European Union Bill

    This bills paves the way for the proposed EU constitution to be ratified by the UK if and when it is agreed by European leaders.

  • European Parliamentary and Local Elections (Pilots) Bill

    A short bill that allows for a variety of innovative voting methods to be used in pilot schemes for next year's European elections.

  • Fire and Rescue Services Bill

    Contains plans to modernise the fire service and is the first substantive legislation for 50 years.

  • Higher Education Bill

    This controversial bill will pave the way for 3,000 top-up fees and is likely to have a rough ride from a number of Labour backbenchers.

  • Housing Bill

    This includes the introduction of home information packs which sellers must provide for prospective buyers of their property.

  • House of Lords Bill

    This will remove the final hereditaries from the Upper House and create a fully-appointed chamber.

  • Human Tissue Bill

    A bid to tighten up the rules on when doctors can and cannot retain dead people's organs and tissue was announced in the Queen's Speech

  • Immigration and Asylum Bill

    A new single tier of appeal against asylum application decisions is intended to streamline the system.

  • Justice (Northern Ireland) Bill

    The main function of the bill is to establish a Judicial Appointments Commission for Northern Ireland.

  • Pensions Bill

    This aims to protect the retirement savings of British workers.

  • Planning and Compulsory Purchase Bill

    This bill has been carried over from the previous session and aims to overhaul the planning system.

  • Public Audit Wales Bill

    This will allow for the establishment of a single public audit body for Wales across the public sector.

  • Scottish Parliament (Constituencies) Bill

    Proposals to safeguard the number of MSPs in the Scottish Parliament.

  • Traffic Management Bill

    A clampdown on utility companies digging up roads in an attempt to cut traffic congestion.

    Draft Bills

  • Draft Charities Bill

    Charity fundraising could face greater scrutiny under government plans outlined in the Queen's Speech.

    Ministers say the draft bill will modernise charity law "and better enable charities to prosper".

  • Draft Criminal Defence Service Bill

    This draft bill is intended to cut legal aid spending and proposes transferring decisions about granting it from magistrates' courts to the Legal Services Commission.

  • Draft Disability Discrimination Bill

    Includes provisions to extend the Disability Discrimination Act to cover people with HIV and cancer from the point of diagnosis.

  • Draft Transport Bill

    This would enable some local authorities to pilot new arrangements for school transport to reduce road congestion.

  • Draft Identity Cards Bill

    Legislation will create a national register and powers for compulsory ID cards.

    Passports and driving licences will include fingerprints within five years.

  • Draft Gambling Bill

    This paves the way for widespread deregulations of Britain's gaming laws.

  • Draft Single Currency (Referendums) Bill

    This would allow for a UK-wide referendum on British membership of the euro in the event the chancellor's five economic tests are met.

    Not mentioned

    Hunting Bill

    Labour backbenchers and animal welfare campaigners are likely to be disappointed by the absence of a bill to ban foxhunting in the Queen's Speech although Commons leader Peter Hain insists the government remains committed to acting.

    The BBC's Guto Harri reports from Westminster
    "Top of the list of contentious issues, top-up tuition fees"


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