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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 November, 2003, 01:52 GMT
Blair: 'Give us your priorities'
Tony Blair
Tony Blair says he's listening
TV viewers are being urged to give Tony Blair their opinions on what they think will be the key issues in the future.

The appeal will come in a party political broadcast to mark the Queen's Speech on Wednesday.

Viewers are being encouraged to give their number one priority in a phone call to the Labour Party or a visit to its "big conversation" website.

In the broadcast, teenage actress Jordan Palmer, 13, urges voters to give their views to "the man at the top".

Quiz the boss

Rather than focus on the government's agenda for the next year, the TV piece will ask people to look at the challenges ahead.

Critics claim that trying to involve the public in policymaking may throw up unpalatable opinions and demands.

We want to begin a conversation with you about how together we can make the future fair, not just for some, but for everyone
Tony Blair

In the broadcast, Jordan Palmer tours a hospital and school, armed with a camcorder, to give a child's eye view of modern Britain.

Her trip ends at the Labour leader's office, where she asks: "Don't you want to tell the man at the top how we can make our future even better? I do.

"Well Mr Blair, what are you going to do to make our future better?"

He replies: "Well, you can come and sit down and we'll have a talk about it."


The nationwide consultation, announced in his party conference speech, will be officially launched on Friday.

There will also be a "prospectus" setting out the challenges the country faces.

In the broadcast Mr Blair says: "Britain is changing for the better. The economy is strong, schools and hospitals are improving. Crime is falling.

"But I know we can do even better. Now there are important choices for the future. Choices, not just for politicians, but for all of us.

"So we want to begin a conversation with you about how together we can make the future fair, not just for some, but for everyone."

The big conversation website is due to go live on Wednesday afternoon.

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