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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 November, 2003, 13:53 GMT
Key points: Bush and Blair
Here is a summary of the key points from the joint news conference with Tony Blair and George W Bush.

Istanbul attack

  • The prime minister sent his condolences to the victims of the terror attacks against British targets in Turkey.
  • Mr Blair said the attacks were a reminder of the evil threat that existed in the world.
  • Once again we must affirm that in the face of this terrorism there must be no holding back, no compromise
    Tony Blair

  • The terror attack in Turkey would not cause the UK to flinch - rather Britain would stand firm against any threat, said the prime minister.
  • The US president said the terror attacks in Turkey were attacks on freedom.
  • The US president said he had told the Turkish prime minister he would provide support in terms of shared intelligence.
  • The prime minister said the attacks in Turkey were against anyone who stood up against fanaticism.
  • International terrorism

  • Mr Blair said people everywhere would suffer if the battle against terrorism was lost.
  • Mr Bush said there was an ongoing "international manhunt" terrorist by terrorist.
  • Mr Blair said that the battle the US and its allies was facing was one of freedom and democracy versus fanaticism and terror.
  • Mr Blair said the fanatics of terror had shown themselves to be "callous, brutal murderers of the innocent" and he contrasted that with the message Mr Bush brought about spreading democracy and freedom.
  • The nature of the terrorists is evidenced once again - we see their utter contempt for innocent life
    George W Bush

  • The prime minister said he was publishing a short summary on the casualties and cost of terrorism in recent years and months.
  • Terrorism was the greatest 21st Century threat, said Mr Blair, and there was only one rational response - to stand up to it with an "unshakeable unity of purpose" until the world was free of this "evil".
  • The US president said the terrorists hated freedom, free nations and had a total contempt for life.
  • The terrorists wanted to intimidate and demoralise and they were not going to succeed, Mr Bush said.
  • The US president said no ally had accomplished or sacrificed more in the fight against terrorism than Britain.
  • Iraq

  • Mr Bush said he had met with the families of British servicemen killed in Iraq.
  • The mission in Iraq was "noble" and the US and its allies would finish the job it had begun.
  • Mr Bush thanked Mr Blair for his leadership and his friendship.
  • Mr Bush said he would continue to match the level of US troops in Iraq to the challenges faced there.
  • Mr Blair said it was essential to defeat Saddam Hussein's henchmen.
  • Let me make it absolutely clear for our position as well: we stay in Iraq until the job gets done.
    George W Bush

  • Mr Bush said there were two levels to the approach in Iraq - one was political and one was military.
  • Asked a question about British citizens opposing him and his policies, Mr Bush said "freedom is beautiful" and he added he "did not know" if people hated him.
  • Mr Blair said people had the right to protest and that was part of being a democracy but he asked people to listen to what the government had to say.
  • Mr Blair said it was "bizarre" that people opposed the removal of Saddam Hussein when 400,000 bodies had been found in mass graves in Iraq since the invasion.
  • Mr Bush said freedom was not America's gift to the world but it was the gift of the Almighty and that Muslims and Christians worshipped the same god.
  • Guantanamo internees

  • Mr Blair said the UK and US were discussing the fate of British nationals being held in Guantanamo Bay and the issue would be resolved "at some point soon".
  • Either they will be tried by the military commission out there, or alternatively, they will be brought back here.
    Tony Blair

  • The prime minister insisted that justice was being done for the internees.
  • Mr Bush said the detainees were illegal combatants and were being treated fairly.
  • Steel tariff

  • Mr Bush insisted his government was committed to free trade despite the US steel tariff.
  • "In terms of the steel issue, it is an issue that the prime minister has brought up not once, not twice, but three times
    George W Bush

  • The US president said free trade required a level playing field and he said Mr Blair had brought up the issue of the steel tariff three times.
  • Mr Blair said he expected a decision on steel in time.


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