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Last Updated: Saturday, 30 August, 2003, 10:07 GMT 11:07 UK
Blair's team: Aides who have left Number 10
Alastair Campbell with his partner Fiona Millar
Alastair Campbell with his partner Fiona Millar
Since 1997 many of Tony Blair's inner-circle of advisers have opted for a change of job.

Alastair Campbell is just the most recent member of Number 10's staff to forge a new life away from Downing Street.

Alastair Campbell: Originally the prime minister's official spokesman, and then communications chief, he announced his decision to quit on 29 August 2003. He said that his family was paying too heavy a price due to the pressures the high-profile job placed on him.

Anji Hunter: A special assistant, she was the director of government relations. She resigned in the summer of 2002 to join the oil corporation BP. Her role in Downing Street was that of a gatekeeper, controlling access to the prime minister.

Godric Smith: One of the prime minister's two official spokesmen, Mr Smith announced in May that he was leaving Downing Street. He said: "It's a fantastic job, it's also a very demanding job and not one I think you can do forever."

Sir David Manning: Currently the prime minister's foreign policy adviser. He is due to take up an appointment as the next British ambassador to the US later this year.

Fiona Millar: Cherie Blair's media adviser, and Alastair Campbell's partner, is also set to leave Downing Street, although no date for her departure has been set.

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