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Key points: Iain Duncan Smith's speech
The main points from the Conservative leader's 2003 party conference speech.

On his leadership

  • "The Quiet Man is here to stay, and he is turning up the volume."
  • Speaking to the discontented in his party he said: "Get on board, or get out of the way because we have work to do."
  • "I will stand tall and do the right thing, even if occasionally fashions prevail against me."

    Looking ahead to the election

  • He said his party's policies were the most radical since 1979.
  • "Conservatives must win the next election, not for ourselves, but for the hard working law abiding people of Britain."
  • "Listen, just listen. You can hear, steady as a heartbeat, the hurt and the anger of the people of this country."

    On Tony Blair and Labour

  • Mr Duncan Smith called on Tony Blair to resign after accusing him of lying when he claimed he had nothing to do with the strategy that led to the naming of Dr Kelly.
  • Attacking the prime minister he said in "Blair world," taxes are low, crime is low and the trains run on time.
  • He said the prime minister was failing the country on the economy, asylum and crime. "Tony Blair is all right for the telly but he's all wrong for the country."
  • "In Labour's Britain government is always on people's backs, never on their side."
  • He called the Labour government "shameful, mendacious, fraudulent and lying".

    Policy and pledges

  • Mr Duncan Smith pledged that the Conservatives would win the next general election.
  • "We plan to cut taxes."
  • He restated his promise to restore the link between pensions and earnings.
  • "I supported the war in Iraq." And he added: "I believe passionately that the world is a better place because Saddam Hussein no longer governs Iraq."
  • Under his government he said there would be 80,000 fewer asylum seekers and 40,000 more police officers.
  • Under Labour only the wealthy can buy choice, but the Conservatives would give everyone the power of choice, in health and education he said.
  • He re-stated his party's commitment to the right-to-buy policy.

    On tax

  • Mr Duncan Smith promised to be: "Tough on tax and tough on the causes of tax."
  • "The Conservative mission is to reform public services and to be a lower-tax government than Labour."
  • "I believe in a low-tax economy and I believe we all have a special duty of care to the most vulnerable in our society; children, pensioners and the poor."

    On Europe and the euro

  • "I promise you this, I will fight, fight, fight and fight again to save the country that I love."
  • "I will fight will all my strength to defend the British people's right to govern themselves."
  • He promised a petition calling for a referendum on the new EU constitution.
  • He said the EU would take away the UK's ability to decide its own policies on immigration, defence and asylum.
  • On the euro he said: "Tony Blair doesn't have the guts to hold a referendum because he knows what we all know, that he would lose it."

    On the Lib Dems

  • "Conservatives are the only real alternative to Labour," he said.
  • "Lib Dems - they are not a fit party for government, and we are going after them."
  • He accused them of wanting to increase tax more than Labour.


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